Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fall On The Way

     It has been so very long since I last updated my blog, and I'm so sorry.  I have been doing great health wise.  Platelets at 103,000 a couple of weeks ago.  Will have my lab work done again this coming Thursday.  Bill is doing real well also.  Just a busy but wonderful summer.
     Have enjoyed growing more perennials.  We've about giving up on veggies.  To be honest, we didn't even get green beans this year.  Oh....The plants themselves are at least 10 feet high and not one pod.  So I think this will be the last year we try and vegetables.  Hate to be this way, but in NH we could grown anything and all did great.  Far different soil down here, and just can't seem to grasp hold of the secrets it holds.
     A new Hibiscus and I love the color.  Nearly eight inches across!

Then I found that the shrimp plant is actually a perennial in this area, so I had so get one.  This is another close up, but I wanted ya'll to be able to see the flowers.

Here's the beautiful rose that Bill brought home for me one day.  Beautiful colors.

     We hadn't had a cat for close to 16 years, and I've really missed having one lately.  So, off to the shelter where we picked up Tiny Girl.  Only about seven weeks old when we got her, and her eyes were still blue! Here she is in my grandson's arms.  She was so very tiny.  Here's another picture

taken recently.  In one of her hiding places.

     As for my stitching! I kind of fell out of the swing of things for a while and am now trying to catch up.  I'm in a SAL doing "Serenity Harbor" by "By the Bay Needle Works".  I love working on it and love the colors.  Sticking with it even though I realize that I may not catch up with most of the ladies at all.  It will be beautiful when finished.
     I must let ya'll go.  It's nearly midnight here at this time, and my eyes know it! It's good to be back and I've missed  ya'll.  Until next time, take care, be well and don't forget to "feel the colors".

 She certainly knows how!