Friday, August 12, 2016

August! Oh My!

     It's August already! Oh my! Where is the summer running off to so quickly! This season though I think a good part of the states are looking forward to a little cooler fall weather.  I know we are here in southeastern North Carolina.  It has been the hottest summer in recorder history they're saying, and it seems like we haven't had a break in weeks.  Hot and humid each day and the AC's are running hard.  I have thought about the people who have no AC and can't escape the heat. In just a few short weeks, hopefully, we'll be looking at some cooler evenings and some hot soups to make up.
     I have been lagging behind in my cross stitching, but am finally approaching a finish with my "Kindred Spirits" piece.  I have indeed loved working with this.  All the colors are perfect and it has been an easy stitch.  I've just found myself not putting in the time that I normally do.  Want to change that for sure.

       I have other WIP  pieces to pick up and finish once this in completed, and I have broken the promise to myself to not buy anymore charts until I've done up all that I have.  Oh dear.  I know ya'll understand though.  When the stitch bug hits, you gotta' go with it! LOL.  I received all in the mail the other day.  First from Little House Needleworks, ABC Sampler series, one and two charts.  I am

 not one to up lots of seasonal things to decorate, and I've been wanting to make up some tiny pillows to place in a basket.  When I saw this new series, I knew I had found what I wanted.  I am loving the fabric and the colors also.

So yes.....I did break my promise, but I couldn't help myself.  These little pieces will be easy to put into a plastic bag and carry to appointments and all for a little stitching time in the waiting rooms.
     I did finish up painting my small hutch in the kitchen.  When I found it, it was dark old wood.  Very drab, and I knew I could do something with it.  So now it sits in my kitchen.  I like working

with chalk paint indeed.
     Though we haven't gotten out to work in our yard much this season because of the heat, the Queen Anne's Lace has done well.  I realize that this is a wild flower, but I love it in my gardens.  I took this picture below.  A different angle of it, and thought it was so pretty.  God's blessings are so good.

     Then one misty morning, I saw that some wild Morning-glories were climbing up towards a birdhouse we had put up.  Though the picture is cloudy, I do love it.

     Well my dear friends and followers.  I thank you for sticking around while I've been lazing around and for stopping in with words of encouragement and all.  All of you are so dear to me.  I pray that you're all doing well.  Love you all, and remember, until next time, remember to "feel the colors".