Sunday, January 25, 2015

Grow Your Blog Introduction!

     Yes! Since I lost my last blog, and have my new one here, I would love to find lots of new friends and followers.  I'm retired and living in eastern NC.  Was born and raised in cold NH, but NH is a beautiful state for sure.  We've been here in NC for ten years now.

     A picture of hubby, Bill and me, LindaLee first.  We love doing things together and are very happy.  We are

a Christian couple.  Our own children are all grown and now we have our grands nearly all grown and a one year old great grand.

     I love all types of needle work and I think cross stitch really is my favorite.  I love to garden in the warmer weather and I love colors.  I truly believe that if you love colors that you can "feel them".

     I just finishes two cross stitch pieces and am a member of a SAL right now from By The Bay, called Serenity Harbor.  Really loving it.

     I love people and love meeting new people and making friends.  So please join me here in my blog.  I would love to get to know you.

     Until next time, stay warm.  Be well and safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".

     Oh! Nearly forgot! If you would like to grow your blog as well, please go over to
Vicki's, 2 Bags Full blog spot  so you can sign up.  http://vicki-2bagsfull.blogspot.com/


  1. Aww such a sweet post dear
    Love you from my heart xx

    1. And I love you Cucki Angel. You make my heart smile for sure.

  2. It was nice to learn more about you. Thank you for sharing. I'm a new blogger, maybe I should do a post like this. Happy stitching!

    1. I found out after I posted this, that it was too late to add blogs to "Grow Your Blog" this year. The good thing though Sarah, is that you can still go over and visit the page and join other's blogs. Get to know lots of new bloggers. It's really fun.

  3. Lovely post , we have allot in common our grands have grown now and we are on our great grands now, we love our garden and always work together in it.
    What a lovely couple you make, happy stitching.

  4. love your blog linda! see you ack on face book


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