Saturday, August 17, 2019


     Before we know it, we'll be talking autumn cross stitch charts and taking away our summer decorations and bringing in the Bittersweet, the acorns and seed pods.  Putting away our brighter lighter feeling colors to replace with our earthy colors.  Greens, browns, oranges and all.  Who doesn't love the changes I wonder......
     Seems that this month is rushing by, and as always, I haven't accomplished anywhere near what I wanted to.  I'm not talking about big projects inside or out, but just finishing up a couple of pieces I've been working on.  I have an afghan that is all spring and summery colors about a third done.  It hasn't seen one day of daylight........or lamp light in months.  I can use the excuse though, that it has been too hot and humid to work on it.  Of course inside is always very comfortable with the air conditioning on, but that's beside the point!
     I have been picking away, and I do mean picking, on my cross stitching.  Getting close to being done on this one, and I've enjoyed it.

     I finished this one up, but you can see where I had to frog, and I need to continue to try to get the telltale signs taken care of.  Wondering if any of my dear friends have any suggestions.   I'll be making a small pillow out of this and sending it to a dear Amish family that I had the blessing of meeting while in Pennsylvania.

     Just started another which will be for a friend also.  This one won't take long, and I'll show you when  it's finished.

     I'm excited to let y'all know that I'll be getting a she shed within the next month, and I'm so looking forward to it.  It's a brand new creative adventure for me.  Something that will always be a work in progress I think, as I add little things here and there.

     My "peanut butter" trees are in their third stage of the blooming process and they're beautiful.  I look forward to them and the constant change of the flowers every year. Here's a picture of the second change........

And the third below, with a picture also of a branch loaded with the flowers.

Can hardly wait for the bright bluish purple centers to come out.  The real name of these trees is Clerodendrum trichotomum.  Many call it, as I did, the peanut butter tree, as you can smell the leaves when rubbed between your fingers, and they smell like peanut butter.  Our good friends, Pete and Sheila gave me my first couple, and they have multiplied ever since.

     Well my dear friends and followers.....I must let you go once again.  Still only six more members away from that surprise box I want to send out.  Don't forget and I haven't forgotten it!

     Until next time...Stay well and don't forget to "feel the colors".  Love you all.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


      Yes! It's July and it's a very hot and humid one here in NC.  Most are staying inside during the days, to stay as cool as possible.  But! The beautiful Crepe Myrtles are in bloom and there are so many pretty colors.  They're red, pink, magenta, coral, purple and lilac, and all colors in between.  They decorate the through road's islands.  The mall parking lots.  The interstate highways, as well as school, church and private home yards.  Here's a picture of just one of them so you'll know basically what they look like.  I just love them.  Getting back to the weather though, and I know, everyone has

 weather, though different........but, it seems over the years, it has become comfortable though hot in the summers, to unbearable.  More days with higher heat.  More humid days and nights.  Less rain.  People don't agree on global warming.  Don't even agree on whether it exist or not..To end this part of my post, I'll just say that "Yes! I'm a believer".
     We were planning a trip up to the Amish area in PA, but decided it was a long trip to only be able to spend one full day there.  We decided to put it off until cooler weather and stay longer once there.  For those who have never been.....First of all, it's a beautiful area.  So many green fields and beautiful farmlands.  The people are welcoming and genuine.  So much to see and do in the area.  Just wonderful.
     I have been slowly stitching along.  Though I haven't gotten a lot done since last post, I'm happy to say, that I'm at least stitching every couple of days or so.  I think I was in a slump last post and was fighting to get out! It ain't easy getting old!  Here's a couple of pictures of a little bit of stitching.  The first picture is a quick stitch and I want to make it up into a tiny pillow for a friend.

And this below is Quaker Seasons that I've been working on for a while.  It pleases me every time I get another motif done.  This also, will be gifted.

     Two summers ago, I brought home some seeds from a Buttercup Primrose from up in NH.  I love the bright yellow of the flowers, but even more so, the fact that the birds feed from the seeds all winter.  Well......last summer I never saw a trace of them in my yard.  I was so dissapointed.  All of a sudden, this spring, a new plant came up in my garden area, and I had to look into it to see what it was.  I came close to pulling it up, but decided to wait on it..  Well, wouldn't you know it! Here are a couple of pictures of my primroses! Thank you so much Father.

          We had a beautiful sunset last night.  We can't see it in total from our house, but we can enjoy the beauty of the color tones it brings behind all the trees and all.  A beautiful calming evening.


     Well, I guess I'd better let ya'll go for now.   It's only two pm here, but time for a nap.  A gift that I've grown to love!
     So each and every one of you please take care.  Enjoy the summer weather and stay cool.  Drink lots of water and all.  Love you.  The last thing of course is, "feel the colors".  Thanks for stopping in.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

A June Hello

     Actually approaching the middle of June, and seems it is going by so fast.  I hear people not only planning Father's Day get togethers, but July 4th. plans as well.  It will be here before we know it! It has been so hot and humid here.  We did finally get some much needed rain here through this past week.  We could still use more.
     I did bring in my first zinnias this week.  Had to stick a Queen Anne's Lace in with them.  Love them both.  The zinnias go in every year to carry on a tradition that was my grandfathers.  No one went to his house without leaving with a bouquet of zinnias.  They last a good long time once picked.  Of course the Queen Anne's Lace is a wildflower, and who doesn't love a pretty wildflower!

Here's a little different shot of my Queen Anne's Lace in our backyard.  I love looking up at them as well as watching them sway in the breezes.

     I finished another motif on my cross stitch piece, and have started another.  I decided that if nothing else, I wanted that one hour each morning for my stitching.  I think it really does help me get off to a good start, and I feel that I've accomplished something.  Here's the motif I finished..... I'm still loving the whole piece.  Love the colors also.

     I love the wildflowers that just show up, unattended each and every year, and I would love to start a wildflower garden in our back yard.  I see tall purple ones in bloom right now, and need to find out what they are.  They just may be the first in the new spot.

     I'm going to let ya'll go for this time around.  Not a lot going on here at this time, but do want to let ya'll know that I'm thinking of you.  I pray that you're all well and stitching up a few little storms out there.  Or doing other things that you're enjoying.

     Keep in mind to not only see the colors around you, but actually look into them and try to feel them.  If you love them, you can feel them.

     By the way.....I'm so pleased that I still have sweet friends here that are following my blog, and I appreciate all comments.  Thank you dear friends.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


     I just wanted to post a couple of pictures this morning.  I have more done than the picture showed yesterday.  It was an older picture.  So here is the piece now, and at this point, I have 39 hours time into it.  I really love this piece.  I did it once before as a gift, and this too is for a gift.  The colors show very little difference between themselves.  I have changed a couple on my own.  Also, the light when I took these two pictures wasn't all that bright.  What I have done thus far though.

     Actually going to a water park with my sister and her family today.  Hoping to escape the heat for a few hours.  It will be fun and refreshing I think.

     Just a few pictures of some things in my garden.  The Queen Anne's Lace is a native plant of course, but I always make sure I have some.

     Ya'll have a wonderful and blessed day.  Enjoy every minute of it and remember that "If you love colors, you can feel them." Love to you all.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Back Once Again Even

     To each and every one of my faithful followers I want to say,

It has been months since I've posted as you can see by the dates on my posts.  I've come to realize that though I'm still the person I've always been, I'm needing to slow things down a bit.  My health is fine and has been, but I'm no longer fill with the energy I once had.  There is still every bit as much to do during every day, but more and more is being left undone.  I've heard people joke about their get up and go, has got up and left.  I always thought it was funny.  At 73 though, I have to face the fact that I'm no longer the energetic person I was.  I hate this about me, but that's the way it is now and probably will be in the future.  I've ignored housework.  Shopping.  Yard work, and even a lot of the things that I love.  Such as my needlework of all kinds.  I have a couple of things in the works but it seems like it's taking me forever to get back in the groove.  Now that is indeed sad.  I will keep trying.  If any one else has been experiencing this and have found things that help, please let me know.
We've had a box turtle in our yard for the last few days, and our new pup really doesn't know what to think of it.  We've found that the turtle loves cantaloupe and watermelon. First the turtle here.

Beautiful markings and only about eight inch long total.  Now for our new pup, Guthrie. 

He's our little eight pound Yorkypoo that we got from a local ASPCA.  Stole our hearts and he knows it.  Doing pretty good with the potty training.  He already sits and stays on command.  So now we have two adopted dogs and one adopted cat.  Love them all.
I've been working some on a pullover summer top for a birthday gift.  Need to get with it though as the birthday is right around the corner and I still have quite a bit to do.  That thing that I was talking about earlier, creeps up on me in the early evening, and I just don't seem to have the strength to pick it up.  LOL  Sounds like a sad situation! The red is actually brighter than what it looks here.  Loving the shell stitch that it calls for.

Another thing that I've had in the works for so long is this cross stitch.  I do love working on it with the colors it calls for and all.  It calls my name, and I've been ignoring it! I love cross stitching as you know.  Just need to get back into the groove.  This too is for a gift.

It has been very, very hot and humid here, so outside work is at the minimum anyway.  Must say though that the three raised beds that we have are looking nice with the herbs, veggies and flowers we've put in.  I love working with God's earth, and He has been kind enough to give us a small portion of it.  He is good all the time.  Hope to make some fig jam and can some green beans this year.
It looks like only seven more followers to go here and I'll be drawing a winner and shipping off the giveaway box.  No, I haven't forgotten and still look forward to drawing that name.  So, if you haven't entered to win it, please do.
That's all for now my dear friends and followers.  I do hope to make this the start of a permanent comeback to my blog.  I enjoy blogging and I love meeting new friends.  Love each and every one of you.  So stay well and remember to "feel the colors".

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Another Special Giveaway!

     Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is doing it again! This time it's even more than usual if you can believe that! She gives away so very much! This giveaway is called,

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You need to go on over and check out the rules, and good luck!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Victorian Motto Shoppe

     Is having another beautiful giveaway.  Lovely threads.  Please go over and check it out.


Now there's some beautiful colors