Monday, January 18, 2016

Live Simply

     Is what this sampler is all about.  It was fun to work on, using just one color of over dyed thread, and it was completed in 24 hours.  So you know it was an easy stitch.  Some who aren't into cross stitching may wonder why the "W" is missing.  Here is an explanation that may help ya'll to understand the reason,

Most sampler patterns include alphabets. It is very rare to find a complete alphabet in antique samplers. While there might be some errors, inversions or omissions due to the youth of the stitcher, some missing letters are no accident. A certain number of letters were often merged such as "I" and "J" as well as "V" and "W" and other letters, often the less useful such as "X" or "Y" were simply dropped out.

     Anyway! I enjoyed the quick stitch but am ready to get back into my colors again.  Here are two pictures of the piece.  First one is completed without the antiquing sprayed on it.

This second picture is after I sprayed it, and I do like the way it came out.  I wanted it to look a little rustic.

The dark bottom is from a shadow.  Not the spray.

One more picture of just a small portion of it.  I am always so happy in my stitching area on a sunny day.  This picture shows you how bright it is without any light at all on.  

     We are staying in during this cold weather.  A nice fire going inside and I love soups and stews this time of year.  We're so fortunate not to have snow in this area, and since down here, I am a bit spoiled, as I miss the warmer weather we were having.  I have plenty to keep me busy inside though..

     Welcome to my newest follower, Margaret Lind.  A real sweet lady who cross stitches as well.
     It's so amazing how time seems to fly by.  Here is a picture of a sampler that I did back in 2007.  I remember working on it when we were visiting my son, Guy when he was stationed out in Yuma, AZ.  It's in our hallway and I walk by it a number of times a day.  Today though I realized that it was done nearly twelve years ago.  My grandson who is 18 was just five at the time.  We were living in Shapleigh, ME at the time and I remember sitting on our back deck stitching on it.  I still love the colors in it and it brings back so many good memories.  The chart came in a "Just Cross Stitch" magazine that I was getting at the time.

     I'll let ya'll go for this time around.  Know that I love ya'll and until next time, be well and safe and "Don''t forget to feel the colors".


  1. Live simply is so beautiful...
    I love your sampler so much..it's so pretty..
    Big hugs x

  2. That's a lot of work to get done in a day. Congrats! Great explanation I didn't know that was why :). It probably made it look neater too. What did you spray it with to antique it? I love the colorful one too :)