Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter Is Here!

     We have really been blessed with unseasonably warm weather for weeks now, so I really can't complain.  When I woke up this morning though and saw that it was under 20 degrees, I was thankful that Bill had a great fire going in the wood stove.  We use the stove to help with the regular heating system and we love the warmth of it.  We've sat in the living room many hours together with the stove going and a good movie on.

     I've been wanting to show you this basket that I did up for my sister  They just bought a house within eight miles of us, after living in Georgia for many years.  So when I saw this chart, I thought it would make a perfect gift for her.  Once the sewing was done though, I couldn't decide what to do with it.  I could just frame it.  Make it into a pillow.  The designer has it pictured on a small basket, but I decided to get a much larger basket with a lid and I used it on that.  My sister was happy with it and has it displayed on her enclosed porch for right now.

     I am so disappointed with the orts I have to show for this whole entire year.  This jar is probably  eight inches tall, and look at the measly little clump of threads.  I will say that I had lost my mojo off and on throughout the year.  Don't know why and when I wasn't stitching I was wanting to.....I just didn't!  So this is it for the whole year.

This year just better be different.  I mean really different.  I have a new ort holder, and if I don't fill it right up, I'm afraid he'll gobble me up.  He's a foot high and I just love this critter for the purpose he'll be serving.  I need to come up with a good name for him/her though.  Any suggestions....  I certainly can't miss that mouth! LOL

     This is what I'm working on now.  Only a few hours into it and the stitch is easy and fun.  Going with swamp water for the color.  I've been doing at least an hour on it each day since Christmas.  I know that I showed you a picture of it before.  It's called "Live Simply" which is another thing I want to accomplish this year.

     I hope to make this the year of finishes.  I used to do only one piece at a time, and how or why I stopped doing that is beyond me, but I have.  I want to finish all pieces that I have started, and once I do that, I'll start on charts that I have.  I won't order any new charts this year! Did I say that! Slap me silly!
     I do want to let ya'll go this time around.  Last year I was totally blessed, and oh! I am now in remission from the ITP.  My platelets are where they should be for the first time in over a year and a half.  Thank you Father.  Thank you Dr. Cho for not giving up on me, and thank you all my friends and followers for your thoughts and prayers.
     So this year I pray that each one of you will experience many blessings as well.  A wonderful 2016 to all of you.  I love you my friends and followers.  Until next time, stay well and warm and "feel the colors".


  1. That's great news congrats! I love your new froggy holder he's adorable! Lovely stitching :)

  2. Such a lovely post Linda Lee - great news about your health and a beautiful basket for your sister. I'm with you on the living more simply this year and am stitching one at a time except for exchange items.

  3. I love your projects so much..so sweet
    Happy stitching x

  4. You made a wonderful gift for your sister. Great news about your health!

  5. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better! Yay! And what a beautiful basket! And I also love the stitching you're doing. I've seen that chart, but have resisted it..... so far :-) And oh how sweet is your froggy!