Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spring is Approaching and My Giveaway

     Yes it is.  In this area we hear the peepers on milder nights.  The Forsythia is now in bloom as well as some of the Daffodils.  The Costmary, Tansy and Cilantro are up.  All other herbs this winter never died back much and I'm looking forward to making my flavored teas again soon.  I've been taking advantage of the nicer nights in the last couple of weeks by sleeping out on the porch again, and breathing in all that fresh air.

     Still working on Kindred Spirits and I'm loving working with the bright colors again.  Haven't done a chart from Cross Country Stitching in years so this is like a real treat.  I just love the back stitching.  I know many don't like it, but I do most of it as I go along, so once done, I don't have to spend hours more on the piece doing the back stitching.  Here's an example of the difference it makes.  I love it! First without the back stitching.......

Now with....
     Now speaking of this piece, reminds me of my Spring Box giveaway.  I've already started filling the box with some nice little things.  I love surprise things like this!!!, and can't wait to pick a winner.  All names will go in a container and I'll have my sister pick one.  Remember the rules now as stated below...
     1.  You have to be one of my followers.
     2.  You must mention on your own blogs that I'm having the contest. "Will be checking on this."
     3.  I need your name and your blog name.
     4.  Out of the USA will receive a gift certificate from 123 Stitch, and if the first name picked is      from outside the USA, a second name will be chosen for the Spring Box.  I'm just trying to be fair to all.
     New rule, is the cut off date for entering is March the 17th., and name will be drawn on the 20th.

     I realize that not all have blogs, and in the future I'll have another contest for people who don't.  In the meantime though, please let me know how I can get to know you, whether it be through Face book or another site.  Your email even.  I just love making friends and find that contests help me to meet lots of new people.

     The latest picture of my husband, Billy and me.  I can't believe he wore that plaid woolen shirt with a nice shirt and tie.  LOL.  God bless him.

    Latest of Tiny Girl who is getting big, but has a sweet personality and we love her so much.

Upside down on top of an antique hutch that I'm working on.

I broke down and ordered "Grow a Garden" by Mill Hill.  I didn't realize that it was done on paper, but it's 14 count., and I'll do it on 14 count Aida.  Look at those bright colors!

     Now I must let ya'll go.  I'm headed to my stitching chair and plan on at least an hour or so of working on "Kindred Spirits", and then headed to bed early this evening.  It was a busy day.

     So until next time, be well and safe.  I love ya'll, and remember to "Feel the colors."

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Same Spring Box Giveaway, but Without Any Guessing!

     I have been thinking that having to name a piece of needlework as I stitch it, in order to win a gift box just wasn't fare.  Some may not be familiar with Cross Country Stitching or Jeremiah Junction charts at all.  So I've changed the rules.  No more guessing.  Below is a picture of what I'm stitching, and it's called Kindred Spirits.  I've always loved these charts.  Lots of bright colors and lots of

back stitching which I don't mind at all.  I usually back stitch as I go along so I'm not so excited and rushing to do it in the end.  So no guessing to win the Spring Box.

     What you have to do to enter the drawing, is enter your name and email address.  Then I would like your blog name as well.

     You must be a member or a follower of my blog here and post on your own blog about the giveaway.  I'll be checking to make sure all are following the rules.  The more the merrier.  I  find that this is such a great way to meed new stitchers and others that have some wonderful blogs that I don't know about.

     The box is a shoe box size and one that can be used for storage later.  There will be stitchy items in there I'm sure, but keep in mind that spring is right around the corner, so there will be springy items as well and a few fun things.  I'm excited about doing this, so let's go.  You can start with this post under the comments leaving your information.

     Until later in the week, be safe and well and keep in mind that I love each and every one of you.