Thursday, April 14, 2016

Home Again

     Yes! We're home again after taking a week off and traveling to NH by train.  Loved the ride.  Loved the people we met and loved the trip.  First we surprised my daughter-in-law, Lisa.  She was in "The Miracle Worker" and had asked if we could make it up to see the show.  So between my son Allen and us, we did indeed surprise her by showing up at a lunch get together with a wonderful friend of hers. She cried as did I.

     We had a whole day before the play's opening night, so the following morning, Lisa and I went hiking for the morning, while the guys,  Bill and our best friend Dave, went to their old hometowns and saw some of the sights.  Bill also met up with his son Richard, and they had a great visit.

     A couple of pictures of the hiking day.  A perfect day for the hike.

     Got to Vermont to see Cindy and Amy.  Great gals, and it was a blessing to be in their home and to see them, their property and have dinner with them.  The whole trip was a blessing.

     I didn't bring my stitching while we were away.  I wanted to spend as much time as I could with all those we love.  I did bring a book and never opened it! We did eat fried clams every day, at least once.  Will show more pictures next post.
     This afternoon, after lunch is my afternoon completely and will be stitching until dinner! Loving my piece.
     I also sent away for just one skein of yarn to make this pretty shawl below.  If I'm too tired in the evenings to count, I can at least knit.  This will be a light weight summer shawl.  Love the yarn.

     I will let ya'll go now.  I love you my dear friends and followers.  Until next time, be well and safe and remember to, "feel the colors".


  1. Looks like loads of fun! I love riding the train!

    1. We enjoyed it so much, and hope to head out to a different destination again. Maybe right here in NC.

  2. Looks like fun I just got back from a trip too :)

  3. Isn't it just great to get away every now and then Heather! Always good to get away and always good to get back home.

  4. That sounds like fun, and you were somewhat close to me. :) Where did you find that fun knitting pattern?