Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Flossing and Crossing

     That's exactly what I'm doing since I've been back from my trip with my sister.  Georgia and I went down to Savannah, GA for a little sightseeing first and an over night stay.  This was the view from our hotel window at five in the morning.  We could see the bridge that we had crossed over into the city.

     My sister letting her husband back home know who the boss really is!

Myself hanging out with some new guy.....He had a heart of stone!

     It was my first time in Savannah and I'd go back again in a heartbeat for sure.  A couple more pictures.

     From Savannah, we were off to visit my nephew Cris', and his sons.  Had a wonderful few days with him, Nathan and Tyler.  Beautiful boys and a handsome dad.

     On the way back we stopped in Charleston, SC where we saw a few sights and had a great dinner on Dave.  David is our good friend here at home.  Thank you Dave.  We all love you bunches.
Charleston is loaded with restaurants and all the menu's looked great.

 Thanks again Dave!
     I'm still working on my "Kindred Spirit".  It really isn't taking forever as it may seem.  Though I started it on the 21st. of January, I only have 76 hours total into it.  I'm still loving working with the bright colors and all.  This is where I am so far.....and I'm doing a lot of back stitching as I go.

On the trip I did some knitting on another light weight summer scarf.  It's an easy stitch,
and I love the soft yarn as well as how slowly the color changes.  This is the second scarf with 
this type of yarn and I'm really liking it.  I do have another skein with pinks, blues and purples
in it that should be very pretty when made up.  The knitting gives me something to do when my
eyes start getting heavy in the evenings here at home also. 

           Going to Planet Fitness three days a week and loving it.  We also found a great trail in our area the other day and plan on doing a longer one tomorrow.  Love the walking and it's all so quiet in the wooded areas.  Beautiful plants all around and so much to take pictures of.

Can you see the big monster we came across in the picture below I wonder!

     Well, I've kept you long enough indeed.  I need to step up to the plate and submit posts more often also  I enjoy blogging but too often get behind as I do with all things.  Don't ever doubt my dear friends and followers, that I love ya'll and love you dropping in.
     Until next time.  Be safe.  Stay well, and don't forget to "feel the colors".