Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Have Been Away Too Long

     I am so sorry.  I've been away way too long for sure.  The warmer weather just takes a toll on us for sure, but we also become busier during the summer.  I'm here basically to let yawl know that I'm well and doing well.  I'm stitching and trying to do some work inside our home.  We tend to put things off that we really shouldn't.  Referring to Bill and I only here.
     My computer is also giving me headaches and at this point, I'm wondering if I should buy a new one or continue to struggle with the old. 
     I will sit down in the next few days and get a decent post on here.  I miss sharing, but am keeping up with what yawl are sharing for sure.  Love each and every one of you my dear friends and followers.