Sunday, February 12, 2017

This Weeks Stitching and a Winner!

     What a fantastic week this has been! Other than one very cold day, we've had temperatures in the 60's and up to over 80.  We're kind of puttering and in today.  Too nice for the doors to not be open and all. Thank you Father!
     This week I've stitched on the gift that I'm stitching up for my nephew and his new bride, Nancy, come July.  Had to sneak,,,,,kinda/sorta this into the WIP's.  I didn't want to stick with the WIP's and wait too long to finish this up.  As it is though, it's moving right along and at nine hours, I have this much done.  Name of it is Wedding Row and as you can see, I'm using different colors.

Here's a picture of it from 123 Stitch, which is where I ordered it from.

This week I plan on working on the French Sampler.  Not much done of it today, but I'll see what it looks like next Sunday.

Now I have done some ordering.....Maybe I should say just resupplying my stash.....I just love it when I see some charts that I can't live without.  Yes I know this is the year of my WIP's.  I understand that.  I get it! The feeling of wanting them so badly and telling myself that I can't order them just kills me, but giving in to myself feels so darn good.  How can being so weak make my heart smile so big!  So here's a picture of what I ordered and it has all been delivered.  Now I tell myself that it's not fair to star any of these until I get my other things done.

The cherry trees are now in bloom here and their beautiful.  I snipped a couple of small branches the other day to help with the Valentine decoration.  Going to let them root and plant them later on.

And my Valentine's table.

Now before I bore you with more pictures, I'll let you go.  Not before though I let ya'll know that Laura of flowersofthewindblogspot.com won the gift certificate to the Lone Star Steakhouse! Send me your full name and address at MissLindaLee@ec.rr.com and I'll get that sent out to you.  You enjoy it young lady.
Now! Until next time, ya'll stay safe and warm.  Be well and last but not least. remember to "feel the colors".

Friday, February 3, 2017

My Giveaway

     I was supposed to open this giveaway two days ago, and failed! So sorry.  Never thought of it on the first and yesterday was just so busy.  Here we go though.  Once again.....This card below was supposed to be a Christmas gift, and once I bought it, I realized that there isn't even one of these Lone Stars in this area.  So I know that many of you may live where there is one, and I would like for it to be used.   Only rule is that you be a follower of my blog and that, if you do have a blog, you mention the giveaway on yours.  Enter your name and the name of your blog here and to make sure, email me at MissLindaLee@ec.rr.com.

     Have been organizing my stitching and even purchased a pretty basket to put my WIP's in.  I'm going to star a rotation schedule like so many of my friends and followers do.  That way, no WIP gets overlooked or set aside for months at a time.  So this week I've worked on "Ocean Treasures" some and here's an updated photo.  I would normally not be working with these colors, but the change is

indeed, refreshing.  I'm looking forward to getting all the stitching done so I can do all the back
stitching.  Yes.....I'm one of those crazy people who really enjoy the tiny back stitches.  I love all
stitching though.

I noticed that my Quince in the front yard is in full bloom.  Our winter has been so mild thus far and the daffodils too are in bloom.  I imagine the Quince I planted in NH years ago must be a good  six

feet tall by now.  Oh how I miss my beautiful gardens up there.  I pray that someone else is now enjoying them.

     After several beautiful warm days, we have a cold, windy and drizzly day today.  I am actually still in my pajamas and I think I'm going to stay right here in my sewing room and cross stitch.  Bill has a nice fire going in the living room this morning and it's warm and cozy back here.

     Until next time, I love each and every one of you, and please be safe and well.  Of course, as always, don't forget to "feel the colors".