Tuesday, May 16, 2017

In Over My Head!

     Howdy all my faithful friends and followers.  It has been far too long,,,,again, since I've posted. Rather than make promises of how I want and will post more often or how I'm going to get in more stitching time for sure, let's just get this post out to you.

     I do love this time of year, and spend lots of time out in the yard in the garden areas and all.  Just like anywhere else, once spring arrives, we get anxious to get outside and clean out areas.  Even here in warmer NC where we don't get any snow, the dead leaves and things always seem to settle in the gardens along with the spring weeds.  Plenty of weeds for sure.  I'm glad I use some mulch for my two herb gardens.  Helps a lot with the weeds as well as keeps the moisture in the soil longer.  One herb garden is for my teas and water.  Love filling a container with water and putting in some mint or lemon balm.  So many different combinations make a refreshing cold drink.  I put the water in the fridge overnight.  Here's a peek at my tea garden....

Then there is the other herb garden where I grow things that we can snip off and add to salads, soups or anything else that you cook up and want to add a little extra flavor.  Here's a picture of that one.
     We took a trip up to NH again.  Love going "home" and seeing family and friends.  My beautiful daughter-in-law was in another play and we just had to see it! She's a wonderful actress and enjoys it so much.  We ate out and it was usually seafood that we ordered.  You can't beat NH and Maine's seafood and it's hard for us to actually get enough of it when we're up there.  We had a wonderful trip.  We took Riley with us and the three of us, Bill, Dave and I piled in the car and headed north.  This was my view a good part of the way up and the way back.  LOL  I must say though that Riley rides real well and loves going with us.  Plus, I had the whole back seat to myself!
One of the highlights of the trip was that I got to see my cousin, Lori.  Lori and I went to school together for years and went our separate ways after high school.  She moved to Michigan and I lived in three or four different states.  She just recently moved back home to NH, and to Dover where she was born and raised.  So we made plans to meet up and we did.  She found me on Facebook about seven years ago and we've kept in close touch ever since.   She loves the Lord and we're kindred spirits indeed.  This is our meeting up below, after a total of 53 years.
     Now I've kept ya'll here long enough, so must get to shy I titled this post, "In Over My Head".  Now take a look at these pictures below....  First I'm stitching on all these pieces shown.  I must add though, that spending more time outside, means less time in my stitching chair.  Many evenings by the time I do sit down I really don't want to get out all my threads and all.  Gosh! Listen to me and I love to stitch!
Then I've been ordering charts as I've been seeing them and can't say "No" to myself!  Here are a few that I have waiting to be started.  By the looks of the photo above, it will be a while.....
So for the most part, all is well and I need to get with it again! Thank you all for stopping in and I love each and every one of you.  Ya'll remember to "feel the colors"


  1. Great post, LindaLee, I love your herb gardens and how cool that you and your cousin caught up again after all these years - some people don't like FB but I think it is great! Have fun with all your new stash.

  2. It sounds like you have been having a busy spring. Your herb gardens looks fabulous. What fun to be able to connect with a long time friend. Your projects look good and you have a nice pile waiting in the wings.

  3. Your herb garden is looking so beautiful
    Love your projects
    Happy spring my dear
    Hugs and smiles x

  4. Lovely post , love your herb gardens and the sweet ornaments.
    Beautiful stitching , and new stash .
    Always good to catch up with friends and family.

  5. Hi,I just became a new follower, looking forward to seeing all those new patterns stitched!:)
    Your gardens are great!! Just love the idea of a tea garden. Happy Spring! Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  6. Beautiful progress and I hear you about churches. My parents are involved in my home church and constantly trying to figure out how to increase their members.