Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Enjoying Spring

     I just love this time of year, but when you think about it, have you ever heard anyone say that they didn't? I haven't! It seems that this spring has been a long time coming in many areas, but it is truly here and we're enjoying it so very much.  The pop of colors.  Especially the greens.  So many different shades this time of year.  The newer leaves are lighter greens and the brand spanking new ones a a beautiful shade of apple green.  We're listening not only to the adult birds but tiny babies still in the nests begging for food.  Things are coming up in the veggie gardens.  We have small raised beds as there are just two of us to feed, but it's still exciting to see what we have planted popping through the soil.  The Hummingbirds are many and we have quite a show going on. Especially early morning and late evening.  Seems that's when they all come at once.

     We had a wonderful day yesterday.  Bill, Dave and I went to down town New Bern just to poke about and the three of us always have a great time together.  Lots of good conversation and lots of laughs as well.  The Spanish Moss is thick this year it seems and it looks so pretty.  A couple of pictures to share from yesterday.

     I did finish the little Amazing Grace piece and just made it into a small pillow to put with my other spring stitching display.  It did up quickly at 10 total hours, which seems like a lot for this sweet chart, but that's what it took and it's an enjoyable stitch as well.

     Have done a couple more letters and a few other stitches on Quaker Diamonds.  This is a good sized piece, and it seems that I'm just creeping along with it, but I'm super enjoying it.  Love all the colors.  I keep sneaking in the other smaller pieces as well.

     I'm doing up another small piece, but I'm not going to say what it is, as it will be a gift once done.  I did want to show you the beautiful colors in it though, and say that it is working up quickly.  Once finished and sent out, I'll add a finished photo.

     I see that some of my followers at my old blog has found me.  I'm so pleased about that.  I also see some new friends.  Wonderful! I love people and love making friends.  Welcome to all and come visit often.

     I must let you all go for now.  I hope you're all enjoying this spring as much as I am.  If nothing else, at lease go outside and sit for just a few short minutes each day.  Enjoy the sunshine.

     Love you all.  Until next time, stay safe and well, and, "Don't forget to feel the colors".


  1. OH MY!! Firstly I love your saying at the top of your blog about color... Oh yes I can feel it!! :) My personal favorite that I love is green... and talking of green WOW!! That tree...Spanish Moss.. its incredible. I have never seen such a tree... I love it! Your stitching is truly wonderful and I am really fascinated to see what your new stitch is..and yes such pretty colors.
    Very lovely post today :)
    Smiles to you :)

  2. Lovely post Linda , I love the Spring colours too, what a beautiful time of the year.
    It is good to have a day out in town we are going out to town today for some lunch we always seem to see friends out and about and end up out for hours.
    Love all your stitching all looks wonderful and great photos hugs.

  3. Lovely post :) Can't wait to find out what your latest finish will be... It looks promising, the colours are yummy.
    Congrats on your finish too!

  4. Aww such a sweet post my dear :)
    Very sweet finish
    Big hugs x