Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Old Friends Back and New Too!

     I'm so glad to see that some of my followers and friends from my first blog, "Cross'N My Stitches" has found me here.  Welcome back! I am also meeting new followers as well and I'm loving it! I love people and love making friends.  So glad that you're all here.  Could you all mention in a post on your own blogs that I have moved here? Maybe that would help get the word out.
     The weather has been warming up nicely in these parts and I have my herb garden cleaned out. I'm sure I'll be picking up a couple of new herbs to try, but right now the perennial herbs are doing well, and a few new that I put in are looking good.  Here's a for now picture, and in a few weeks, I know we'll all be amazed at how much everything has grown.

     I'm getting ready to relax this evening and finish up "Amazing Grace".  Just the border is needing to be stitched and it's a simple one.  So my next post will have a picture of the finish.

     I did knit up another face cloth and I also found a box of pretty little, smell nice soaps to go with my cloths.  Will wrap a cloth around one of the soaps and tie it up with a ribbon.  Here's the one I just finished, along with the soaps.

Also picked up another two skeins of yarn for a couple more in a different color.  Now, instead of making one of each color, I make two.  One to give away and one to keep!  Found more tiny soaps that smell pretty also.  Here's one last picture for you. One of these will make up in an evening, so

they're quick and easy to make.  I enjoy making them.

     Time for me to close up here for the night now.  Love you all.  Until next time, stay safe an well and "feel the colors".


  1. Such a sweet face cloth..and very pretty yarn :)
    Soaps are looking yummy.
    Hugs x

  2. Hi Cucki~ I was very happy to see that you found me and are one of my followers once again. The soaps make me think of sugar wafers that my mom used to buy me when we were kids! Each color has its own aroma with the soaps.

    You have a wonderful week loaded with stitches Cucki.