Monday, May 19, 2014

I've Really Done It Now

   I have officially become a chronic starter of cross stitch pieces.  Yes! I'm right up there with a number of good ladies and a couple of good guys who just can't say, "No" to starting something new.  How many do you have going now Kenny Layer? LOL.  Love you my dear friend.  What started it all was the fact that I have been working on my "Quaker Diamonds" for so long and decided to put it up for a couple of small pieces......Well.....I then started thinking about a kit that I had sent for so long ago, and how pretty it would be hanging on a certain wall in our home this winter.  I thought that if I din't get a start on it now, it would never be ready this year.  So I started it! This is what it will look like when finished.  It makes me think of winter in NH.

     Then I realized that I had a WIP in my stash drawer that I had put aside long ago, to start the Quaker one.  So, why not have that one handy as well, and work on it along with the other two. Sounds like a rotation plan now.  What I found in the drawer was this one.

 So what can I say? I have finally fallen into the trap and I know I'll never be able to be that same person that worked on only one piece at a time! Oh! Did I tell you about the two new kits that I ordered over the weekend? See? That's another thing.......I have stayed away from kits for so long, and now here I sit.  Oh my! I confess! I'm also happy dancing at this very moment!

     This is going to be a very busy next couple of weeks for sure.  Our back screened in porch will be started and finished.  Will be taking lots of pictures as the work is in progress.  My sister and her husband will be visiting from Georgia.  She hasn't visited me in 36 years! Then on the 29th., my nephew and his lovely with and two little boys will be here for a day or two.  So needless to say, we're excited.  Will be fun seeing everyone and having some family time for sure.
     A few more pictures from the yard.  Using a lot of primary colors this year to decorate and dressing up small places as I go along.  First want you to see the potting bench Billy built for me.  I have such a cool hubby.

     Some of these may be repeats from my last post.  If so, accept my apology.  I'm getting old and forgetful as well!

     We have Bluebirds in a new house that Billy put up just a few days ago.  The couple seem quite happy with the arrangement and I certainly am.  I pray every spring that God will allow us a pair of Bluebirds, and He always comes through.

     It's a beautiful breezy day and I must get back outside for a bit.  I have an area that I want to put all my shade plants in.  Will be showing before and after pictures for sure.

     Until next time my dear friends and followers, be safe and be well.  Love to every one of you and thank you for stopping in.  Remember to "feel the colors".


  1. I love Quaker diamond, it's on my wish list :) Can't wait to see your updates on your latest starts!

  2. Wow beautiful
    Happy stitching x

  3. I am so glad I found you again. I posted a comment a couple of weeks ago on your old blog about not hearing from you in awhile and hoping you were fine and busy "feeling the colors". Happy that is just what you were doing. Have fun with your projects.