Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New SAL!

     Yes! A new stitch along will be starting on June 16th. for this lovely "I Am A Stitcher" piece.  If you want to join in, please go to www.facebook.com/groups/656211661138271/  and let Jenetta know that you want to participate.  There is a list for threads and fabric on the site and also a few ideas where to purchase the chart.  Here's a picture of the piece once completed.  Now how can you not do this one up?!

     I've decided that since I'm working on three pieces right now, I would put in five hours each one at a time.  So here is where I am on my new start, "Winter Geese".  This is part of the barn in the piece.

     Then, so far I have 13 hours work on "Seaside Treasures", as it was started several months back and put it aside.  So now it's at my stitching chair with needle and all, waiting for it's five hours to start.

     Have been working some in our back yard.  Changing things up this year.  Wanted to get rid of what I've called, "The snake pit", for a long time, and I'm finally getting in there are putting in a shade garden.  Not completed yet but here is a before and an after picture.

Still working on it, but already, it's more enjoyable to sit out there.  Want to add some four by fours to make a border for it.
     Did I show you all my potting bench that Bill made for me? For Mother's Day.  A surprise all finished when he put it in the yard for me to see.  I love it!

    Well now.  I must go.  My sister and her family are due in from Georgia this afternoon and I'm pretty excited.  Looking forward to spending some family time together.
     Until next time, ya'll stay well and safe, and remember that I love each and every one of you.  Last but not least, remember to "feel the colors".

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  1. Beautiful stitching..
    Enjoy my dear..
    Hugs x