Monday, June 16, 2014

So Behind!

     This past month has been full, busy, hectic and wonderful! We have so much that we're thankful for, and yet I regret being so far behind in my blogging and my needle work.  Since my last post, I have spent a mere six hours on stitching.  I want to catch you up on all the goings on in our little corner of Havelock.
     My son, Allen, came down from NH about two weeks ago, and built us a beautiful screened in deck.  We have spent every morning out there with our first, and sometimes into our second cups of coffee.  Just waking up and listening to the birds and watching them all over our yard.  So relaxing.  Here's a before picture.  Allen had picked up a few things at Lowe's and was waiting for the lumber to be delivered at this point.

A before picture from behind the house.

The very first board is attached to the house.

I have so many pictures.  As he went from base, to decking, to roof rafters and all, I took the pictures.  I won't make you look at all of them, but here is a couple of pictures of the finish.  Four days total all by himself.

Then shopping for the inside of the porch! Very exciting! First thing I picked up was this porch swing, which is my favorite spot to sit. Then we picked up a nice set with six chairs so we can have company over for dinners during the cooler weather.  Last but not least, a wicker looking couch.  It is actually  pvc covered so it will last a long while.

Here's the couch.

       Flowers have been blooming profusely! The rains that we got were so needed and has helped so much.  Have been outside "playing" in the yard while it's cool in the mornings and early evenings.  We have heads of broccoli nearly ready to pick and the first of the green beans are forming.  They're a whopping  one inch long at this very moment! LOL.  They'll grow fast though and before we know it, we'll have more than we can eat!  Gosh I love summer!
     Blueberries are ripening up nicely.

Baby birds are getting ready to head out on their own soon.  These are Mockingbird babies below.  Found them in my Trumpet Vine.

     As for my needlework! (Hanging head)  Like I said earlier, I have a little over six more hours in on Seaside Treasures.  I started smack in the middle of this one since it's a kit.  Normally I start my pieces in the upper left hand corner with large three inch margins all around.  Here's what I've accomplished so far.

      I did mention a SAL that was to start on the 16th., and that start date has been changed to the 20th.. There are still stitchers waiting on threads and fabrics.  I put in a fabric order and I haven't received it yet.  I do though have a back up fabric that I can use.  This will be one of my first SALs.  I did do a pin cushion years back, but this is a larger project and I'm really excited about it.  I'll keep ya'll updated for sure.
     Oh! The day after our deck was finished, my sister and her family came up from Georgia to visit! First time in many, many years and I was very excited.  Her and her husband, and their two sons came.  They're little daughter-in-law and their two tiny grandsons as well.  It was just so much fun.

     Well, it looks like I've run out of room here, so I need to let ya'll go.  Please be safe and be well until next time.  I love each and every one of you my dear friends and faithful followers.

     One last thing of course......Don't forget to feel the colors!


  1. Love your new porch its lovely... and no doubt really cool and relaxing sitting in there admiring your lovely garden too... Your hanging seat looks really comfortable and must be fun too. What a lovely space you have created... and I bet wonderful to sit and stitch in too...
    Your new stitching project looks pretty and cannot wait to see it grow.
    Your blueberries look great... mmm and a wonderful color too.
    Smiles :)

    1. We have sat out there every morning Jacquie and love it. We used to grab that first cup of coffee and Bill would watch the news and I would start to pick up and things. Now we both just sit out there for about an hour with our coffee and chat. Nice. It's comfy and homey.

  2. Beautiful porch , what fun you will have sitting there looking out into the garden , happy days .

    1. Thank you Butterfly. We're enjoying is so much.

  3. Very lovely porch...so pretty...
    Happy day hugs xxx

    1. Hi Cucki! Hope this finds you stitching up a storm! We've really enjoyed our porch so much.

  4. Hello!

    Just found your blog.

    Your deck is gorgeous, what a lovely way to start the day with coffee in such a great spot!
    I love those little birds and your stitching looks great.

    Happy weekend (:

    1. Hi Milly! So glad you found my blog. We have about an other hours rest out there every morning with our coffee and some nice chats. Even slept on it when hurricane Arthur came through. Love it.

  5. Hi Linda I found your blog and I am so jealous, I love your screened porch. Wish I could add one to my condo.