Monday, September 15, 2014

An Update On Me Once Again

Update on me again! So sorry that I'm so behind. Trying to get back into a routine here at home and Facebook as well as my blog has suffered greatly! Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts from all my sweet friends here. God not only hears but listens to each and every one of them. I so appreciate all.
I'm home and doing the same as I was. Platelets still under 1200 and we don't ask how much under, as it just worries Bill and I both. I go once a week for my blood work and once a week for my infusions of chemo and another med that will hopefully get the platelets a mega boost with production as well as faster growth.
Home is always good and we try to get out a little bit each day. Even a little grocery store run seems a pleasure after being in the hospital a total of 41 days between the three admissions. My hope is to stay home and just concentrate on God's healing. The doctors are still puzzled as to why my body is doing this, so that makes it hard to fix.
Thank you again all my faithful peeps, and keep those prayers coming in please. Love to each and every one of you.
Here's a picture of Billy and I the day after I got out of the hospital this last time.  Do I look happy to be free again?

Since being home, I've just now started getting back to my stitching and things.  I've decided, after receiving a prayer shawl from our church while I was in the hospital, that I wanted to bless someone else as well.  So I've started a shawl and will wait on a picture of that, as it is small right now and the pattern doesn't show up well.  Decided on off white though.

So here it is September and right in the middle of it as well! I know where my summer went, but I'm blessed to be looking forward to some fall weather and beautiful fall colors as well.  Keep in mind that "if you love color, you can feel it".  Other things I enjoy in the fall are cooler evenings.  Hot herb and fruit teas.  The beautiful mums all in bloom along with all the fall arrangements that people craft.  Hot soups and stews.  This year we'll have lots of home grown garlic to add to them.  A picture of just a few of the heads.

Now that I'm home and all, I hope to post often and keep up with all my dear friends and followers here.  I've missed you so much! Get back to me and let me know how your summer went and what you may be stitching up now.  

Be safe and well and "feel the colors".


  1. So pleased to see your doing fine... and at home :)
    Oh you do look happy, smiley and well.
    I love autumn, the colors are beautiful... wait until the leaves start turning... my favorite time :)
    Yes I too have been enjoying hot herbal fruity teas... I love the way the water changes color.... mmmm
    Garlic is wonderful... I love it. Enjoy!
    smiles :)

  2. Hello!

    I am sorry that you have been ill but so glad that you are getting slowly better.
    I love Autumn too.
    I enjoyed looking at your blog.
    Take care (:

  3. My dear I am sending you big Beary hugs and I am praying you get well soon
    Big hugs and love xxx

  4. Good to see you are back home, and I pray that you will continue to get stronger day by day. You look happy in that photo. I look forward to seeing your shawl, you do such lovely work.

  5. So good to see you home , what a wonderful photo.
    Very big hugs and xxx

  6. Glad that you are back at home and feeling better.