Thursday, September 18, 2014

Early Mornings

     Or should I say, "sleepless nights"! Either/or, will all these meds, sleeping doesn't come easy, so I decided at 3:30 this morning to make a cup of sun milk, instead of tea or coffee.  It soothes the soul. My sweet little daughter-in-law, Lisa, brought this to me a couple of times while I was in the hospital and I really enjoyed it before the lights would be turned out.

     Worked a little, and I do mean just a little on my stitching yesterday and hope to get back to it today once home from my infusion and blood work.  A good time to relax after that with the pre meds making me drowsy.

     Had to get a couple of pictures the other day of the Cypress vines I planted this spring.  Have never had much luck with them in the past, so needless to say, I was very surprised that they grew as thick and as tall as they have.  Covered with red and pink flowers and the Hummingbirds love them!

Just had to get this last picture in here.  The birdhouse is about 10 feet high to begin with.

     Thank you my dear followers and friends for welcoming me back.  I do hope to stay well enough to stay home and be good company to ya'll.  I feel good and just waiting to see some improvement with the platelets.  In the meantime.  Ya'll stay well and safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".


  1. Good morning dear...
    A happy day to you..
    The bird house is so beautiful..
    Happy stitching x

  2. Sunshine milk? Looks delightful.... I thought it may just be due to the beautiful mug... but the contents looks yellow... is this a special milk? Here in England we have Ovaltine and Horlicks they are malty drinks ... I dont like them but many drink them.
    Some stitching is better than none.... you are doing fine :)
    Love your Cypress vine... its wonderful... love the color of the vine and the flowers... beautiful.
    Keep smiling and stitching :)
    Smiles :)

  3. It is good to see you stitching again , love the vine and wish we had humming birds here.
    Have a lovely day big hugs.

  4. That sun milk looks very interesting, and good for you getting out the stitching. there is nothing quite like seeing something coming to life in your hands to get you motivated.

  5. I found you! I was wondering where you ran off to. What is sun milk?