Monday, December 15, 2014

Where Is That Frog!

     The other night I stitched for 45 minutes and then realized that I was a stitch off.  Of course it wasn't in the last ten or so stitches.  I had to remove over twenty minutes worth of stitching.  I did start back up again, but only put in another 15 minutes.  I started stitching this morning at five and at six realized once again that I was off a stitch.  Sure enough.......it was right at the beginning where I started off this morning.  All stitches were taken out and put back in this time.  I decided after that, that I must have a frog jumping around here in this house.  When I do find him, I'll wring his neck.....Well, unless he's cute.  Then I'll just cage him.
     Hope ya'll are having better luck with your stitching.  No mistakes and no ripping out.  I'm so glad that I'm back to my cross stitching once again.  I also just joined another blog  over at http://stitchystart.blogspot.ca/  Anyone who is planning on starting a big piece after the new year can join.  Just need to send her a request.  Since I have everything ready to go on my biggest piece ever, I decided that it would be fun to join up.  You choose any piece you want.  So check it out!

     Will let ya'll go for now.  Until next time, stay well, warm and safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".


  1. What a beautiful piece! Love the colors. Its bad enough when the frog shows up once, but twice in two days? Gotta catch that guy! LOL. Happy stitching.

  2. Sorry to hear about the frog, I hope you found him!

  3. Beautiful stitches. Hope that frog stays away.