Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's ORT Day!

     I thought for sure, I had missed this months TUSAL or ORT day, but nope! Right on time! Here is what I've accumulated since the first of this year.  I can see the yellows used in "Serenity Harbor",

In between the chart arrivals for that, I've been working once again on "Quaker Diamonds", and always enjoy that stitch.  The deep green and rust are from the diamonds.  I'm working on the diamond shown below at the moment,

     Latcr in the evenings I'm still crocheting on the afghan and enjoying it as well.  It's relaxing to pick that up and not have to concentrate as much.

     It has been so very cold here.  Right around freezing and the trees are coated with a layer of ice.  I don't want to complain at all though, as the winter here is mild compared to the winters I grew up with.  We have no snow at all, and just a couple of weeks ago, I was sleeping on the back porch.  I will be again soon I'm sure.

     Finished with "Serenity Harbor" for February, and will pick it up again when part three arrives here.  I am enjoying this stitch so very much! Here it is this month with longer sun rays and some clouds now.

     We had a pair of Eastern Bluebirds check out one of our houses a couple of weeks back.  They actually come by in January to see what's going on with the houses and then come back again a couple of months later.  We'll be putting less seeds out this year and more dried Mealy Worms and berries.  Trying to discourage the English House Sparrows that go into the other bird's nests and peck the eggs open and will even kill the birds.  Both babies and adults.  So we'll see if what we do will make a difference.

     Bill has had a nice fire going in the wood stove for days now and it sure makes a difference.  Even Riley feels the cold.......so Bill says, and needed to share a hat with Bill.

     I do have a question for ya'll! I'm thinking of buying a sit on scroll stand for my cross stitching.  I know that they also have what they call lap stands.  Any of you my dear friends and followers have either or even both, and which do you prefer?

     Until next time, stay safe, warm and well and don't forget to "feel the colors".  Love ya'll.



  1. Such wonderful progress. Serenity Harbor is stitching up quite quickly for you it seems. And the colors in the Quaker sampler are gorgeous.
    As far as stands go, I stitch on my couch which sucks for using my lap stand. It doesn't sit quite right and I wind up in an uncomfortable position trying to get it to work. Granted I don't exactly sit "properly" either. I would assume the floor stands will give you more versatility, as they should since they can be pricey. Hope that helps! :-)

  2. You may have 2 comments from me as I tried to send one and not sure it got published. Anyhow, your Serenity Harbor is really pretty. I am still working on Block 2. We also love and have a pair of eastern bluebirds living here and they were here last year. They are living in a birdhouse Jerry built for them outside in the tree. We love them. We also love dogs. Yours is so cute in the photo. We have Brandi and Chucky that we love too.

  3. lovely yarn and you gave me a start when I read about the wood fire...then I looked at the date...February...makes sense now - lol.