Friday, September 11, 2015

This and That

     I just can't believe how fast this week has gone by.  Here it is Friday once again and people are planning their weekends.  Looks like the beach won't be an option for most of it, as we're expecting some rain and milder temps.  Outings with the family and cookouts with family and friends are a sure thing though.  I'm looking forward to just starting each day with a hot cup of coffee on the back porch with Mr. Bill and getting a little more yard work done.  The weeds aren't just looking my way at this point....They're actually laughing in my face! How dare they!

     Tiny Girl has grown so much but will always be a petite little girl.  She loves veggies of all different kinds and here she is with her corn cob.  We make sure to leave her a few kernels when we have it.  Oh how I have missed the love from a sweet kitten.  Another thing I have always loved

about cats is the way they sit in a favorite spot at a window.  Just to feel the sun or to keep an eye on the birds.  Tiny Girl has found her spot.

 My chart from Nebby Needle came the other day, and I got started on it the very next.  Enjoying the easy stitch and when done I'll put it away for a Christmas gift.  I do want to finish it as the picture shows, on a basket.

     Well, my sister has finally moved into the home they just bought up here.  They lived in Dallas, Georgia for nearly 30 years.  When I became ill last year, they started coming up here and they both realized how much they missed this area.  So, I have been enjoying a new found friendship with my sister and we've enjoyed each other so very much.  God is so good.

     Just a "little" Hercules Beetle that I found last week here.  I saved it for my grandson, and he had it for most of the day.  It surprised us both though when it just up and flew away! It was a good sized one for sure.

     I must let ya'll go at this point.  The day moves on and things need doing! Ya'll please be well and safe until next time, and remember to "feel the colors".  Love to all of my faithful followers and friends.


  1. We have had several large beetles on our back porch this summer. Your Nebby Needle start looks good. I like the way it is finished on the cover. How wonderful to have your sister nearby. Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. It's so big! Great start on your stitching it will look good on a basket. It's lovely you have your sister nearby. Have a good weekend!

  3. Glad to hear from you more often now, it means you're feeling better. I had to put my Cat "Jasper" to sleep in Feb and recently got a 10 yr old cat "Mimi" whose owner had passed away, so I know what it is like to miss having a cat to love and enjoy.

  4. I am so happy Tiny Girl is bringing you comfort and joy.
    Ack! That beetle. No thanks! ;)

  5. What a sweet kitty!! So cute! I love cats!

    I'm glad you are re-connecting with your sister. My only sister passed away 4 years ago and oh, how I wish she were here! Enjoy your time together!

    I'd be running and screaming in the other direction! That is a NASTY looking beetle! :-)

  6. I never had a sister but have got that sort of relationship with my daughter now which is wonderful. I love the beetle..how cool is that!!! I have beetle envy!