Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Addiction Coming Up.....

     I sure hope not, but from what I've been reading, knitting socks can become addicting! With all the beautiful cross stitch pieces I'm working on, where would time come from to knit.... I had to do it though! After I found the Sock Along Blog by accident, I decided to check things out.  Oh my! What beautiful stockings these ladies are making.  All the beautiful colors.  I just couldn't stop myself, and ordered "Super Socks" by Christine Perry as well as some yarn for my first pair.  Here's a picture below of the book and the yarn as well.  Any of my followers knit socks let me know of any tips and tricks please.

     I've been doing some stitching on "She Has Found Her Home", and am enjoying it.  It's a quick stitch I think.  I have six hours into it now and have nearly all the letters finished.

        My sister and her husband "Georgia and Bob" have just bought a home within eight miles of us.  They had owned a home in Georgia for close to 30 years, so it's a real treasure to have her this close now.  I do believe that my sickness is a cloud and their move up here is the silver lining.  It's nice to stop in for a cup of coffee and to get together having a little sister time together.  I took an old but nice table cloth that I had and made her up some kitchen curtains and a couple of valances.  Love her kitchen with the primitive red counter top.

  I'll be going to the Stitching at the Beach retreat in Myrtle Beach next month.  My very first retreat ever and I'm really getting excite about it.  Will be picking up the gifts for the grab bag exchange this weekend.  I've heard that it's a very friendly retreat and can't see how I'd go wrong spending four days on the beach anyway.  Any of my dear friends and followers going.....Let me know.  Would love to meet each and every one of you.
     Past my dinner time here, so need to leave ya'll now.  Until next time, be well and safe and remember to "feel the colors".
     Someone else knows it's dinner time also!
She thinks I can't see her behind my computer screen!


  1. I've been debating taking up knitting but haven't made the plunge yet. Let me know how it goes! I love the yarn color you picked it looks very cozy. Lovely stitching :) The retreat sounds fun!

  2. I do not know how to knit, but that is lovely yarn. I have never been to a retreat. I look forward to hearing all about it. Your kitty is sweet.

  3. Your yarn is beautiful. I've never knit but crochet some. The only retreats I have been too have been for scrapbooking. They were lots of fun. I know you will enjoy your time at the beach. Remember to show us the photos! LOL