Saturday, December 12, 2015

Busy....Or disorganized....

     I wonder sometimes.  Maybe I'm just lazy! I often wonder why I don't post like I used to, which was quite often.  Now it seems I go weeks at a time without posting.  I still want to blog.  I still have things to say and to show.  I still love all my friends and followers.  So, I wonder if it's because I've been real busy....Hmmm.  Haven't been any busier than usual.  I'm home just as much as I've always been.  There is still 24 hours I can use in each and every day.  I have not any added any interests or hobbies.  I read many wonderful posts on other bloggers pages, but always have.  Yet getting to my own post and letting my sweet followers know what's going on in my life and all, I find is something I have gotten out of the habit of doing.  Maybe I'm just not organized! Who! Me! Yeap.....I find that I'm forever starting one thing and leaving it to get to something else, or not even starting what I planned at all! A good way to lose things I find.  Taking something to a different room to put it away, only to stop halfway there, laying what I have down to take care of something else.  I hear others do this same thing,  and I hope it really is true! I'm forever setting my coffee cup down and then having to hunt for it.  Can't find things that I know I have.  I've almost given up on finding the perfect spot to put things, as I find the perfect spot often winds up the secret spot to even me.  Maybe I just need a major clean out and toss away weekend.  I often think about the saying, "Live Simply" and I see others that do.  I love the way it works! They have a place for everything and there aren't extras to look for.  They have far more room and less "stuff" to look through when needing something.  They spend far more time doing things rather than looking for things.  With all that being said.....I love you again sweet followers and here I am once again.

     I have actually been stitching and I'm finished one piece.  Can't show it right now as it's a Christmas gift and I don't want to spoil the surprise.  When it's seen, the one who I made it for will know right away that it's for her.  So we'll wait.

     So, last night I started working on "Serenity Harbor" once again.  Oh yes, of course I'm way behind where I should be as this was supposed to be a stitch along.  For me it's a catch up along or a stitch alone along.  I am laughing though as I think of it.  The first four months I did fine.  Kept right up and was patting myself on the back.  I really am enjoying the stitch though.  It's by By the Bay Needleart and I love their things.  Always bright colors and great charts.

     Now I do need to show you a picture of a rose in one of my gardens.  I took this about three days ago.  I must say that with some very cold nights and freezing temps, I was very surprised to find it.  I love the colors in it and look forward to more blooms come spring.  Bill got me this rose for Valentine's Day.  Thank you again Hon.

     I don't believe that I've told you about our walks in the mornings now.  Bill would take Riley for his walk every day.  I decided that if I got a carrier for Tiny Girl, I would go as well.  So I enjoy our walks now and Tiny Girl mostly meows all the way.  Here she is here getting ready to go, and the second pictures shows just how co operative Riley was about having his picture taken that morning.  They're our fur babies though and we love them.  

     Have to also show you an updated photo or two of our grands down in Dallas, Georgia.  We went down for a week so we could attend grandparent's day at their school.  By the way, they go to a wonderful Christian school.  They're growing so fast.  There is big brother, Brandon.  Then there is Miss Emma and little sister Miss Hadley.  Love those little ones.

     Christmas is so close and I have been doing a little bit of knitting also for gifts.  I see all the traffic out on route 70 here from people out shopping and all, and I'm so glad that I have so little left to do.  Basically pick up a few cards and that's it.  I'll be back here before Christmas though to see how ya'll are doing.

     One last thing....Getting back to Tiny Girl....First picture is when we just got her.  Just a tiny little ball of fur..  The second is her now.  She has grown so much and is so friendly and smart.  She loves cooked veggies!  Mushrooms.  Corn.  Green beans.  Squash.  Carrots.  You name it.  She makes us laugh as well.

     Until next time, and I hope that, that will be real soon, ya'll stay safe, warm and well.  Enjoy this wonderful season and remember to "feel the colors".  Love you all.    


  1. I think we are all busy. I prefer that term to disorganised but if I'm honest, it is probably a bit of both where I'm concerned. Love the rose. Very pretty.

  2. The babies are adorable :). And the kids too lol I love that rose it's just gorgeous :)

  3. So good to hear from you! Glad to hear all is well. Gorgeous grandchildren and love the kitty!