Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Beautiful Morning

     Yes! After several days of rain and then the threat of the hurricane, which passed us by, we woke up to a beautiful morning.  Sun is shining and there's a beautiful breeze.  A lovely October day!  We started it out with a walk with both dog, Riley, and kitten, Tiny Girl.
      With all the rain we've had, you would think that I would be way ahead with my stitchy projects.  Not...... I did a lot of inside puttering and actually reading a book that our friend, Dave has lent me.  About a grand daughter discovering a beautiful cross stitched piece in her grand mother's attic.  I'm really enjoying it and it seems good for a change to get lost in a story.
     The rain also gave me time to finish up my sister's curtains for her kitchen.  She has three windows total,  and here's a before and after picture of just one of them. Just valances on two of the three windows and a full curtain on the window in the door.

I love her vintage red counter top in this little kitchen, and they just may keep it when it comes time to remodel.  Time will tell.  Here's the after picture.  The fabric was an old but like new red checked table cloth.  I think I have enough for two valances in my own kitchen as well.

Last post, I mentioned my new addiction....Sock knitting....Well.  I think today I will finally be
able to start the first sock.  First the yarn came, and once I tried to rewind it, it was in a really bad

It actually took me three nights to get the knots out and get it into a nice ball.  I wanted so much to throw the yarn across the room several times, but stuck with it. Love the colors.

Then, I found that out of all my needles, which I have a ton of, I didn't have the correct sizes the pattern called for.  So, after checking out two nearby stores, I realized that I had to send for them.  They arrived yesterday.  Look at the tiny double pointed needles! Five inches long.

I haven't been neglecting my "She Has Found Her Home" stitch completely.  The letters and numbers are done at this point and I'm looking forward to starting the house next.  The Stitching at the Beach retreat is coming up pretty quickly now and if I'm not finished with this piece before I leave, I'll take it with me to finish.  I am very excited about meeting my room mate Debby for the very first time and just enjoying the getaway.

I had my lab work done this past Monday, and found that I have gained 4,000 more platelets.  Praise the Lord.  He has been right with me through this whole journey and  I feel great.
I hear some yarn calling my name I believe, so I'll answer the call with a hot cup of coffee out on our back porch.  Pictures of my sock adventure will come with my next post.
Until next time, be safe and will.  I love each and every one of my dear friends and followers here.  Please come back to visit often, and last but not least, remember to "feel the colors".


  1. Hi LInda Gosh I enjoyed seeing your post!!! You sound like you have been very busy and I love seeing the things you have been working on. I am so looking forward to meeting you. It is coming fast. I need to get my little tarts finished up and get my grab bag things. Glad we are going to not have a hurricane to worry about there. I think it is going to be a fantastic time. Love all of your new projects. Have a great weekend!!

  2. Yay! For socks, platelets and coffee! I love how the yarn looks totally black in the first pic and colorful in the next. Those should look really cool. Have fun!

  3. Hi Linda!!! Glad you are feeling good :) love that yarn, so pretty!! Your stitching looks wonderful, and I love that gingham curtain too!! ❤️

  4. Your sister's kitchen looks great! I read that book and enjoyed it. :)

  5. Thank you all for stopping in and your sweet comments. I enjoyed the book also Vickie.