Thursday, September 15, 2016

Been "Fun" Busy!

     I finally got a finish piece to show you.  It is the "Kindred Spirits" piece that I've done for my friend.  We always call each other, "my fren" which is why you'll see that on the piece itself. Here it is! It took me a total of 109 hours and love went in each and every stitch.  It was very enjoyable to do with all the bright colors.

     Also did up a tiny little hanging ornament for the front of the small hutch that I finished in red.  Here's the hanger.

Plus! here's a picture of the hutch which I used chalk paint on.  I love working with the paint.

     I am now working on a small piece from Little House.  It's the first one of her "Little House ABC Sampler" series.  It's working up well.

     Something else that I finished up was this afghan below.  I started it last winter and decided to get it out and finish it up so I can gift it for Christmas.  I still have to get it blocked, but I wanted ya'll to see it.  I love the color combinations.

         I always feel better when my hands have been busy, and they have been since I last posted.  I've also started an infinity scarf using the new "Cake" yarn and must say that I love working with it.  It's very soft and the colors that are combined in each ball look nice together.  I'll post a picture of that next time.

     Seems our fur baby, "Tiny Girl" sleeps anywhere she takes a notion to.  We just love the fact that she's happy! Our guest bed seems to be a favorite!

As well as our bed.

Then there is Riley's spot which he doesn't get to use much anymore!

     Glad the days have been a little milder and the nights a little cooler.  I will not miss the heat and humidity that we've had all summer for sure.  I see that some of the leaves, even here in eastern NC have started to turn the seed pods are turning brown.  We've been able with the help of our good friend Dave, get a lot of yard work done.  He's such a great help to us.  We're blessed to have such a dear friend for sure.

     Bill experienced a TIA Monday morning and was able to finally come home yesterday afternoon.  No signs of a stroke which is real good news.  Back on a small dose of aspirin every day instead of every other.  I'm just so glad that he is well and home again indeed.

     I'll let you my dear friends and followers go for now.  I'm so glad that you've stuck with me when I've slacked off so much with my posts.  I love each and every one of you.  So until next time, stay well and safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".


  1. Beautiful stitching! I'm glad Bill is back home now and very good news! Hoping for the cooler weather to settle in soon as well here in Central NC. Happy Stitching! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations ~ http://christiescrossstitchcreations.blogspot.com/

  2. Glad Bill is ok! Lovely stitching pics. Great color on the hutch!

  3. So happy for you to have Bill back home.
    You have been so busy with all your crafting ,love all your wonderful stitching and paint work.
    Sending you both hugs.

  4. Your afghan is really beautiful as well as your stitching.

  5. I'm glad things are going good the finishes are amazing!