Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cake Yarn

     I made up this long infinity scarf with the new Cake yarn and I really like working with the yarn a lot.  It's so soft.  I have two more balls of the yarn.  Both different colors and we'll see what I wind up doing with them.  Here's the thick and warm winter scarf.

     Will be cross stitching tonight, but I do enjoy crocheting occasionally. I want to finish up my WIPs before I purchase anymore charts.  Yeah right! I wonder how many stitchers have said that same thing, only to give in! I've said it many times and always fail.

     I wonder why there wasn't any Hummingbirds at one of my feeders today.  This is the only feeder that had visitors and they kept at it all day long.

     I am also working on Quaker Diamonds, speaking of WIPs.  Have worked on it off and on and have it out again.  I love the piece and know exactly where it will go when finished.  I'm probably about three quarters of the way done.  Will post a picture next time.
     It was a beautiful day here.  Nice breeze and we worked outside quite a bit.  Must say though that my shower felt good this evening and now I'm headed for my stitching chair to enjoy the evening.

     One last thing before I do go.  I saw this picture today on a friend's blog.  It's an afghan she's making in autumn colors.  It's beautiful.  I think I did find the pattern for it and will keep it handy.  Might be a nice cold weather project.

Well that's about all for my posting today.  I want to make it a point to post more often, but the posts may be small from time to time.  I pray that ya'll are doing well.  Love each and every one of you and remember to "feel the colors".


  1. Your scarf is really pretty. I love the color combination. Looking forward to seeing your Quaker Diamonds next time.

  2. Love that yarn, but every time I go to Michael's, they're sold out!
    Oh, yes Bees & Wasps come out to the feeders even more now in Fall.
    That afghan is gorgeous!
    Maybe you can post the link to it?

  3. Love your scarf! And it's great to see you posting again. I need to post more, too.

  4. Gorgeous scarf Linda, love the colours you have chosen and also the colours of the pretty afghan

  5. Lovely scarf. Hope all is well with you. Happy Stitching! ~C's Cross Stitch Creations~ http://christiescrossstitchcreations.blogspot.com/