Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Beautiful Time of the Year!

     I know that in so many areas, the foliage is at its peak as far as colors go, and this is the time when I think of NH and the beautiful mountain views.  The colors are outstanding and nothing is better than a walk through some beautiful sunny woods with the air clean and brisk.  All bundled up with a knitted hat over your ears and a lunch in your backpack.  The picture here was taken in my hometown of Dover, NH in Pine Hill Cemetery.  

     The weather has indeed cooled down a lot from the brutally hot and humid summer that we had this year in NC.  We still hit our back porch first thing for coffee, but now, with sweaters on or a small throw around ourselves.  The birds are fewer.  Yes, even here in sunny NC, a lot of the birds decide that enough of the cooler temperatures are enough and head for warmer winter homes.  We still have the tough ones though and they're here for the whole winter.  Love watching them at the feeders each morning.
     Have gotten a good start on a second infinity scarf using Cake yarn.  This yarn is so soft around the neck and comes in many different color combinations.  The directions are on the label of the yarn, but I did go a step further and joined the ends to make it into the infinity scarf.  This, along with the first one will be a Christmas gift..

     I have another diamond completed on my "Quaker Diamonds" piece and it's such a pretty on.  Also another letter, X. was added.  Trying to get a little stitching in each night.  I've just started the next to the last diamond on the piece and will be thrilled when I can say that this is done, and can have it framed and all.  I think I've enjoyed this piece more and more as I've worked it up.

  I was so surprised when I took a look at a Camellia shrub that I've had for about four years, the other day.  Every year it would put out one the two flowers.  This year it is covered with beautiful pink blooms.  Had to take a couple of pictures this morning and realized that the bees are every bit as happy as I am!

     Well, I need to let ya'll get back to your day and I hope that every one of my dear followers and friends are having a good one.
     Until next time, ya'll take care, be warm and well and remember to "feel the colors".


  1. Wow that is a great picture of Fall. Your pink flowers are so pretty!! Stitches look good!!

  2. Beautiful photos and love the yarn! Very cool.

  3. I love your fall picture, it is my favorite time of year too. Your scarf is really pretty.

  4. Wow gorgeous fall picture! We don't really get fall here...well at least not the pretty colors. At least it's started getting chilly though.