Friday, November 4, 2016

Small Things

     I've been working on a few small items for gifts this past week.  I love my cross stitching, but this cooler time of the year always urges me to go though my yarns to make up some scarves and things for quick Christmas gifts.  Of course I never have the color I want in my yarn stash, which means I have to buy more.  Oh darn! LOL.  I always enjoy looking at the new yarns out and new patterns as well.
     My little daughter-in-law in NH loves the knitted dish clothes, so I made her a set of three.  I'm be-

ginning to use more of these myself, as even a brand new sponge looks yucky after just a few uses.  So I can throw these right into the laundry.

     I did get just a bit more done on my "Quaker Diamonds",  Started a new diamond and I'm loving it.  This diamond is a larger one and what the picture shows is not the middle of it yet.

     This week has been a beautiful one.  Temperatures in the lower 70's and around mid 60's through the nights.  Perfect for porch sleeping and this time of year I do that every night that I can.  Too soon it will be too cold to sleep out, and we'll be inside night and day with everything closed up.  Bill is already for that cooler weather.  Has the tinder and the first few longs to go into the fire in the living room and the wood stove is all set to light up with one match.  I love the warmth of the wood heat but hate to see the winter coming.  It's nothing compared to the winters I grew up with and lived with all the while I lived in NH.  I miss many things in NH, but the harsh winter isn't one of them.

     For the first time we went to Hammock's Beach in Swansboro last Sunday and took the ferry to Bear Island.  A beautiful area, and a nice beach to go to for a relaxing day.  Since you have to take a ferry, or your own boat to it, not a lot of people make the trip to go swimming.  So there is far less people and more places to set up for the day.  Has a nice snack bar and little gazebos in a number of places so you can enjoy a picnic lunch.  Bill and I went with our best friend Dave and his two grands.
As you can see by the sign, there are camp sites  I think my sister and I are in for a great island hike and over night stay when the ferry starts running again.  Though a lot of the stems were stripped during Matthew, I still love pictures of the sea oats.

Can't remember if I showed ya'll this picture of my beautiful daughter-in-law, Lisa.  She conquered  

yet another mountain in NH.  She's climbing all mountains in NH that are over 4,000 feet.  There are 48 total and I believe this was her 22nd. one.  She always looks refreshed and ready to start another when she reaches the top! Gosh I love that girl!

     Will once again let ya'll go.  Stay well and warm until next time.  Love every one of my friends and followers here.  Remember to "feel the colors".


  1. Your WIP is very pretty. I love the washcloths, they are practical and beautiful.

  2. Beautiful Stitching! Love the dish cloths. Happy Stitching! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations~

  3. Nice work on the dishcloths, I wrap mine like that for gifts as well. Or roll them in cylinders and wrap them in ribbon. :)