Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How I Have Wandered Plus a Givaway!

     But before I go there, I want ya'll do know that it does indeed get cold in southern North Carolina! This was taken on our back porch yesterday morning about ten.

 It's still every bit as cold today, but I'm okay with it.  When I see the freezing below zero temperatures across the country, I realize how good we are here.  No snow even after the area got all prepared for it over the weekend.  We just stayed inside with a great fire in the wood stove and I made a huge pot of kale soup.

     Now for the wandering......It wasn't my fault! Well......In my last post I told you I was going to be working on  this, which I did for about an hour.  When I went to change colors, I found I didn't have all the colors I needed! There were two colors I failed to order, so it was promptly put away and the colors were put on order.  They should be here today so I'll be able to get back to it.

     In the meantime, I took out a piece that I had also started some time back.  Found I had put in 19 hours total in the past, and I'm up to 25 hours now.  So you can see that I've been putting some time into a WIP.  It's called "Ocean Treasures" and it's beautiful all done up and framed.  I have quite a ways to go on it though.  Here's a picture of it and another of what I have done thus far.

I'm enjoying the stitch and it's nice working with pastels for a change.  There will be a lot of back stitching, but I really enjoy doing that.  It always makes everything stand out!

I was also going to start a wedding gift for my nephew and future niece.  I made sure that I did have the threads I needed and the correct date of the upcoming wedding an all.  Remember the wandering I mentioned! This is the second reason! After I got to looking at the chart and the colors and all, I decided I would do something different.  I'd do a giveaway with it as the gift! Just the chart that is.  The threads I can use.  So here is the giveaway chart.

Only rule is to post the giveaway on your blog and be a follower of mine.  I will draw a name on the 20th. of January.  Good luck, and I do have another giveaway for sometime soon.  

So I have wandered from piece to piece, but the thing I like is that I'm just plain enjoying my stitching.  Love the threads and all the beautiful colors.  As the sun shines in my sewing room and on my favorite stitching chair, it is hard to believe that it's so cold outside.  There is a little water here and there from the rain over the weekend that is frozen solid.  The wind is still blowing, but the birds as well as the squirrels are helping themselves at the feeders! By the end of March it will be warming up nicely here and we'll be looking forward to working a little outside.

I have some time this morning to get a little more stitching done, so I'm going to go for it.  You all be safe and warm and don't forget the giveaway.  Until next time, lots of love to ya'll and remember to "feel the colors"


  1. The shells look great. I hate when I missed ordering threads sheesh!!

  2. Your shells piece looks wonderful. All that matters is that you are enjoying your stitching, so wander and flit all you want. Stay warm!

  3. Great progress on the shells and interesting weather!

  4. I love the beautiful colours in the shells, how nice to have such a lovely WIP to pull out! Hope the weather warms up for you and your threads arrive soon.

  5. Lovely progress and pictures :) The shells look fun!