Monday, January 2, 2017

Finishes and Starts

     I can't believe that 2016 is gone forever.  It just seems that it went by way too fast.  Here we are though in a brand new year with lots of known and unknown events in all our lives coming down the pike so to speak.  So here's wishing you all a wonderful year ahead with lots of  love and blessings.

     Here are my last two finishes in 2016.  You've been hearing about my Quaker Diamonds forever I know, so you may be glad it is finally over and done with.  I enjoyed every minute of it though and I still love the piece.  Will get it framed up and hung soon.  I used the called for colors as there were so

 many motifs and things in the piece that I just knew I'd mess it up if I chose my own colors.  I did love all the colors anyway.  Total hours were 143 and a half.
This one I made for our friend Dave.  The one I made for myself he liked enough to put in his own room.  I finally realized that he needed one of his own! It's at the framers now.  I added an antiquing

spray after it was completed to make it look aged, and forgot to take another picture of it.  Took a total of 31 hours on this which proves to me that fabric makes a difference.  The one I did for myself was done a a soft, hand dyed aida and I finished it in just 24 hours.  This aida was very stiff and I couldn't work my needle the same.

     This year I just want to work on things I have started.  I used to be a one at a time stitcher, but not anymore.  I'm at the point now where I'm wondering if I should do as I read so many others doing.....Certain pieces on certain days and all.  How did I get here from where I was I wonder! LOL

     Our Christmas was wonderful and I only put up one decoration this year.  That was my fancy tree! With the help of a young neighbor by giving me a spent cartridge, I came up with.........

a cartridge in a bare tree! Went up in no time at all and it was easy to take down!

     I have used this gift so much since Christmas day.  Never thought I would get one, but my husband, Billy, aims to please for sure.  I love it.  So much easier on the eyes with this lite. There

seems to be good sales on these at a lot of stores, and now that I have one, I can say that I think they're well worth the money on sale or not.
     By the way! This is what I'm working on this evening.  I'm ordering them as they become

available.  They're quick and easy and I love the colors used.  I'm also wanting to move on with a By The Bay SAL.  For me it's no longer a stitch along, but a stitch behind!

     I haven't really made any new year resolutions.  I learned long ago, that I'm not good at that stuff like most people are.  I have told myself though that I want to putter more this year and I also want to walk, hike and camp more.  My sister and I are wanting to do the Appalachian Trail in 2018, and it is never too early to start preparing your body and mind for that! This has been a life long dream of ours and we're at the point now where it isn't wise to wait much longer.


And Tiny Girl.....

As well as myself.....

Want to wish all my wonderful friends and followers a grand and blessed year ahead.  Be well and safe until next time, and remember to "feel the colors"


  1. Two beautiful finishes Linda. Your Quaker Diamonds is just stunning. I blame blogging for having more than one WIP. I was a One At A Time stitcher until I discovered blogs. Then I got greedy! As long as we're having fun that's all that matters.

  2. So it's the fault of those blogs I see! Excellent! I thought it was my own fault! LOL You're right though...It's the enjoyment we get from our stitching that counts. Thank you for the comment Justine.

  3. Both your finishes are gorgeous. I really like the thread color you used for the Live Simply piece. Enjoy your new light! I have been seeing these along with the Daylight one around the net a lot. Have a wonder New Year; may it be filled with simple pleasures, enjoyable moments, and many stitches.

    1. Thank you for your post Robin. I've used my light every time I've stitched since Christmas and I love it. It is the natural or "sun light" that you get with the Ott Lite. It makes stitching so much easier on the eyes. You too have a wonderful year ahead with lots of love and blessings.

  4. Happy New Year! Your Quaker is fantastic!! You should look up Atlas Quest.com - it is a fun way to get out and hikewalk and meet new friends. It's called letterboxing and I think you would love it!

    1. Thank you Jamie, and I checked out Atlas Quest just a minute ago. Looks very interesting and I'll be going back there to look into it more. Happy New Year girlfriend.

  5. Happy new year I love those blue and green colors. I'm curious how they changed after being antiqued. Have a great year this year!