Monday, June 12, 2017

A Beautiful Day

     Started out the day with an early visit to Planet Fitness.  We go three days a week and we're getting so much out of it.  Then home to start our things inside and out.  Bill is clearing a lot of the woods out back beyond our fence.  We don't have the pretty easy to walk wooded areas in this part of NC.  The woods are full of unfriendly vines and thickets.  Not to mention the spiders and ticks! We can already feel the breeze in our back yard that couldn't get through the wooded area in the past. It's looking great and feeling great as well.
     I want ya'll to know that my newest followers are Mary and RJ from a wonderful blog named stitchingfriendsforever2.  Two very sweet stitchers.  I'm so glad that they stopped in here.  Take a look at the beautiful needlework and the lovely primitive settings where some of the work may be displayed.  Welcome Mary and RJ.
     I have lots of blocks crochet in a simple granny square pattern.  Will be adding brown on the outside edges and then sewing them together to make an afghan for the living room.  Twelve colors total and 48 blocks to make the afghan.  Here are a couple of pictures.  The first when I got the first twelve done to see how the colors would look together.

     I decided they wouldn't look so bad and went for it.  Here are all 48 below.

            Before I forget.....I want to show you how pretty the Mimosa tree is this year.  This is in the back left corner of our yard, and will be one thing that isn't going to be cleared away to open everything up.  We look forward to the lovely flowers every year.  Always makes me think of little ballet dancers.

     I've been working a little each morning, and sometimes in the evening on my stitching and am enjoying  "Love With An Open Heart" from Stoney Creek.  Loving the beautiful colors in it and I'm going to make a pillow out of it for a gift once finished.  Here's a picture of the piece all finished and then another of my work thus far.

A way to go to say the least, but I'm enjoying the stitch.

     Outside my sewing room window I'll see the Hummingbirds stop by.  Busiest time is early morning a evening before the sunsets.  We also have a bunny that visits the yard each day.  I've been leaving him/her grapes.  I love this time of year.

 I'm going to let ya'll go once again.  Until next time, ya'll be well and safe and of course don't forget to "feel the colors".  Love you all!


  1. All your projects are looking quite beautiful. Maybe it's me, but I see a theme with the colors you've chosen...those mauves and greens...throughout all three projects. Either that, or my eyes are seeing color a bit off with it being a little later in the evening. Your flowers are beautiful! --Andrea

  2. Hi Linda! I love your squares and think it will make a lovely afghan. And your cross stitch piece is darling...love the inspiration photo with the heart on the frame too. I've done one Stoney Creek called Be Kind. It's a very small one and went very quick. I love all of your flowers and that tree is gorgeous! What a lovely thing to say about Mary and my blog...was not expecting to see that but it made my evening. You are so kind and sweet. Hope your week treats you extra special. RJ @stitching friends forever

  3. Linda, What a lovely surprise to find that you mentioned our blog, I see RJ saw it too and as it made her evening, it certainly made my day!! Thank you so much for your very kind words. It's been our pleasure to meet you though our blog.

    Love with an Open Heart is a beautiful stitch. I never saw this before and it would be a gorgeous gift for my engaged niece. Another one to add to my ever growing list to do.

    Your mimosa tree is ablaze with pink splendor....what a serene spot in your yard.
    I do a lot of hiking and the ticks this year are worse than ever, did you find that to be the case too?
    Hummingbirds are such special little birds and it's a great photo. I never act fast enough to get a photo of them. Enjoy the rest of your week. Mary

  4. Aww love your stitching and pretty blocks x

  5. You are such a delightful person. You make me smile each time I read your blog. I love how much you enjoy things. Your stitching is coming along beautifully as is your afghan. And your garden is beautiful. Most of all so glad your sister is feeling good again.