Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Getting Into the Groove

     Good morning once again, and it's a nice one here in eastern North Carolina.  We may be seeing some rain off and on all day, but those days are good also.  Inside puttering hasn't hurt me yet.  Plus my needlework can start calling my name at any moment!
     After ten years living in this house, and talking about having a new kitchen floor put down, it will finally happen this coming week.  We have done a little here and a little there on this 1960's home and knew from the time of the sale that it did need lots of updates.  So over the years, we've had the bathrooms re-modeled.  A wall between the living room and the kitchen taken down. A beautiful huge screened in porch added on and now the flooring.  So it has been slow but sure but has also been satisfying.
     I think I've been making good use of my time as far as my stitching goes.  Seems I'm in the groove now.  I try to get an hour in at least each morning on my cross stitch and if not another few minutes in the evening, I'll crochet the brown around about four blocks.  My progress on my cross stitch here and I'm loving the colors.
Then the progress on my afghan.  You can see that the stack on the right is shrinking as I crochet the border and move the blocks to the left.  Also a picture of some of the blocks all done.

So I feel good about buckling down and working with my hands more.  This time of year we stay quite busy outside in the garden areas, so it takes away from my stitching.  We do though, as I said earlier, have rainy days and they're blessings indeed.
     My sister has finally gotten over two bouts of pneumonia, and she's feeling great.  So we started our walking together once again the other day, and did five miles.  Down a back dirt road with nature all around us.  Loving it, and with the walking and the Planet Fitness that I do, we should be good to go at the end of March for our Appalachian Trail start.  I do feel like a kid again with the excitement of being on the trail.  Here's a picture of my sister and I below.  Georgia on the right.

     I was checking on my tea herb garden yesterday and realized that I have three different colors of the Monarda! I always thought I had just one out there.  Then I realized this morning that my rose garden out front was in full bloom once again.

It was a must to put this sign out last year.  We have the sweetest little brown rabbit that visits at least a couple of times each day.  I've been putting grapes out for him/her and I'm able to get quite close at this time.

     Now I must let ya'll go this time around.  The morning is young and there are the Hummingbird feeders to change out still.  Ya'll be safe and be well until next time.  I love each and every one of you.  In the meantime remember to "feel the colors".


  1. Linda, I love the colors of Love with an Open Heart, your making good progress. I love to start my day stitching with the chirping birds this time of year. Your garden is beautiful and that is so sweet that you are feeding the bunny grapes. I'm so glad your sister is recovering well from her pneumonia.
    I'm intrigued by your plans for the AT hike, are you going all the way to Maine? I loved the book A Walk in the Woods but the movie was terribly disappointing...if you haven't read the book you have to!!
    Love your colorful afghan and pillow and great progress on the new one. Have a great week, Mary

  2. I really love the colors of your cross stitch piece. They are beautiful. --Andrea

  3. Linda, you are such a delightful person. You make me smile each time I read your blog. I love how much you enjoy things. Your stitching is coming along beautifully as is your afghan. And your garden is beautiful. Most of all so glad your sister is feeling good again. I'm very interested in your plans for the big hike too. My husband hiked part of it and really enjoyed it alot. RJ @ stitching friends forever

  4. Oh I love the colours, just beautiful.

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