Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Gift Finished

     Yes I did! I finished the pillow that I've been working on.  I put the blue fabric around the piece and then around that, I put the ecru muslin.  Will be sending it out in tomorrow's mail and I think she'll be happy with it. Here it is all done.

     Now for the update on the little Bluebirds.  There had been three, but they are growing fast and now there are only two.  So I'm thinking that one has actually fledged.  The mom and dad were feeding them insects right up until this morning, and I noticed this afternoon that mom and dad are now eating from the seed feeders.  So the other two will probably be off on their own tomorrow or the next day.  They have all the feathers that are needed.  The first picture below was taken a week ago, and the second one was taken yesterday.  You can see how much they've grown.

     An update on the "peanut butter" tree.  You can see that most of the white flowers have fallen off, and now we have pink teardrop shaped flowers opening up.  The center of the flowers now have a pale green berry, and as time goes on it will turn a beautiful blue.

     The other day I noticed that my Queen Ann's Lace plants are going by.  I love them in all their beautiful white puffs, but the season is moving on.  I noticed that some wasp has decided for some reason that one of the flowers will make quite the home.  Haven't ever seen this before.  It amazes me just how many seeds are in one flower head.

     We've been keeping busy.  More inside than out here as the weather has been so very hot and humid.  Today was lovely though in the low 80's.  The three of us went into New Bern and had a great lunch at a newly discovered place that our pastor showed us.  We ate our fill of prime rib and everything else on the buffet.  We were right on the water and the sky was as blue as it gets loaded with puffy white clouds.

     We are expecting a great grandson in December and we're very excited indeed.  The little guy is already named, Isaiah Allen.  The name Allen comes from five generations back, and has been used six times in the five generations.  Dad would have been so happy about this.  Of course with a brand new baby coming, I have to get my crochet hooks and yarns out.  I've started a tiny little sweater with this variegated yarn.  Not baby colors at all, but I do plan on making other things in the softer pastels. This sweater is from a pattern called "Easy Peasy  Baby Sweater", and it's all one piece.  I'm also still working on the sampler "FGH" and enjoying the stitch.

     Before I go, I want to thank all my sweet friends and followers for joining me online here.  Your comments are always upbeat and sweet.  I hope I continue to know all of you more and more as time goes on.  Oh! If you do have a blog please be sure to let me know if I haven't visited you there.  I like to keep up with ya'll and see your beautiful pieces and know what's going on in your lives.

     We have 88 followers here at the present, and I picked up a couple more things for the giveaway today.  All we need are 12 more to join in the fun.  So tell the followers that you have about the giveaway and let them have a chance to win it as well.

     For now, I'll let you go.  Until next time, please stay safe and well and don't forget to "feel the colors".


  1. The finished pillow really looks great, I like very well.

  2. The pillow is just lovely, I am sure it will be treasured. x

  3. The finished pillow is so sweet and beautiful. It will be a keepsake for sure. I love all the natural pictures from your garden. Oh, and congratulations on the addition a great-grandson. How wonderful it is to see the generations continue. Have a great week. --Andrea

  4. LindaLee, the pillow came out so pretty, that fabric could not be a better match and I like how you edged it with the muslin trim also. Your Peanut tree continues to delight and congrats on a new baby coming in the family. The crochet does not look easy to me at all!! I hope the 3rd little bluebird fled the nest, they certainly grew up quickly! My husband and I ate at a great buffet in New Bern years ago, the food was of excellent quality for a buffet. We also went to Tryon Palace which I enjoyed very much, have you been there? Stay cool!! Mary

  5. Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
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  6. The pillow turned out so pretty.
    Gotta love the little Bluebirds, they've grown!
    The PB tree is amazing, I've never hears of it before, but love the progress pics you post of it.
    What a colorful tree!
    I hope your great Grandson comes into the world healthy and happy!

  7. Beautiful finish on the pillow and those bluebirds have grown! Congrats on the news of a new grandson and hope Mom and baby do well these next few months.

  8. Hello Linda Lee! I just love your pillow...it came out beautiful. The little bluebirds are so cute. And what exciting news that a new grandson is expected in December. It will make the holidays extra special. RJ