Friday, July 21, 2017

Another Small Start

     Before I get rolling here, I want to thank all my new followers for joining me here.  I thank my long time followers for putting up with my off again, on again blog posts.  I'm doing better.  I do love all of my followers, and I'm so glad your here.  By the way......the giveaway box gets a little fuller every couple of days.  I'll continue to put things in it.  As many neat things as I can fit into it.  Good luck to each of you.  It looks like we're up to 82 followers at this time, so it shouldn't be long now.  Your more than welcomed to let your friends know about the giveaway so they too can become followers and have a chance at winning.  
     The new start is the third in the series "ABC Samplers" from Little House Needleworks.  I have the first two completed and this one, "FGH" I've just started.  Love the softer colors in these pieces and not any of them take an awfully long time to stitch up.  Here's what I have so far....

     The "Love With an Open Heart" is waiting to be made into a pillow still, but I'm a step closer I believe.  I found that I have the perfect, I think, piece of fabric in my stash to use on the front of the pillow.  I'll be using muslin for the back.  Rather than stuff as I usually do, I picked up a 12"X12" foam pillow to cover.  Here's the piece below with the fabric that I'll be using to finish it up.

     Must show you all my dear friends and followers what I finally did over last weekend.  I picked up an old bike for seven dollars and with just a couple of cans of spray paint, turned it into a "come see" for the yard.  I was planning on putting it in one of my garden areas, but Billy said that he would like me to put it in the front yard.  So I'll move it here and there and find a place for it.  Here's a before and after picture.  It was fun! I'm so happy that it came with a basket!

   "Now.  The "Peanut Butter" tree! The blossoms are in their new stage and they're so pretty.  The Hummingbirds are constantly around them and the butterflies as well.

     One last thing before I get ready to leave ya'll.....We have baby Bluebirds and when I took this picture below, they were brand spanking new.  I'll be peaking in on them again this weekend so we'll see how much they've grown.  I believe we have four total, and will be surprised if when I check again, that there was another one that came along after I took the picture.  We'll see.

     Well I must go now.  Hope to get some stitching in this evening before my eyes grow heavy.  Once again, I do want to thank all my followers, old and new alike for joining me here.  I hope I come to know each of you more and more as time goes on.
     Now until next time........ya'll take care and be safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".


  1. Hi Linda Lee! I love your new stitch and can't wait to see more of it. What a fabulous idea for an old bike...looks fantastic. Your pillow is going to be soooooooooo pretty. Love it. And how sweet that you have a baby bluebird. Happy stitching. RJ

  2. Hello Linda Lee, I love LHN designs they are ever so appealing &the Christmas ornaments are some of my favourites for a quick stitch. Your work is looking great.
    Love those wee bay birds, how lovely to watch them grow, please keep us updated.

  3. Love your new stitching, and the pink bike just wonderful , hugs June.

  4. Hi LindaLee, great blog post love all your pictures and stitching is looking wonderful....

  5. LindaLee, I love your new LHN stitch, anything with a bird captures my fancy.
    I can't believe you found that perfect fabric in your stash for Open heart, it is just perfect for that stitch! Your lucky friend that is getting this pillow will be thrilled.
    The PB tree is certainly a draw for the hummers and butterflies. Your bicycle redo is charming. How lucky for you that it had the basket on the front for the flowers. Enjoy your weekend. Mary

  6. FGH is looking great, and the fabric looks perfect for the Love piece.
    What a cute bike, great idea!
    Love that peanut Butter tree, and the babies are going to be so cute.

  7. Oh LindaLee, I love the crafty bicycle redo! It just makes me smile. Nice choice of finishing fabric for your Love with an Open Heart piece.

  8. Love your new stitching, and the pink bike just wonderful , hugs June.


  9. I adore your pink bike! I may have to steal your idea! The world just can't have enough pink!!!