Thursday, April 12, 2018

Year of Finish.....and Giveaway Reminder

     As I work on these pieces in the near future, I'll put a name to each one and a picture of what it will look like when finished.  Until then though, I'll rotate each one to get it closer to the finish! I used to, for many years, start a piece and stick to it until done.  Not starting another until the first was completed.  What has happened in the last year or more has boggled my mind.  I can't understand how I've come up with so many unfinished, beautiful pieces.   Oh! This has happened deliberately indeed! There are so many beautiful pieces out there.  So many beautiful colors to use.  So many ways to display the finished pieces.  How though, I might get any of them to that point though is beyond me at this point! So.....They all need to be finished to be appreciated.  Therefore, I've decided that this is going to be the year of finish! The pictures you see below are just the cross stitch pieces that I have going.  The first is the beginning of a scene of a farmhouse and a field.  Ducks flying over the property.  I have loved this one for years and finally ordered it.  This is how much I did before I moved on to another piece! Sure is sad.

Then there is this piece below that is all beautiful soft greens, blues and purples.  Once finished is will have "cross stitch" in many different languages on it.  I love it.  Only got this far though.

Then there is this angel which was given to me many years back.  I got this far on it and put it away during a time when I kind of lost interest in the art itself.  Thank the Lord I came back to cross stitching as I really do love it.  Not that much left  to do, but the fact is, is that it is still not finished!

     Then the last few nights I've been working on the piece below and am enjoying it still.  It is just one piece from a series from Little House of Needleworks.  I have three of the series finished and this is the "IJK" one.  So there is a ways to go before all the little houses are complete but I'm wanting to make them into tiny pillows to display in my dough bowl.  I'm loving the soft muted colors in these pieces.

While I'm at this horrid look at myself stage! LOL I'll keep going.  I also have the beautiful crocheted shawl in the works.  Well only about ten rows of it done really.  Done with a yarn that I love because of the color variations.  This is how far I've gone.....so far! By the way, for those of you that enjoy crocheting and knitting as well, like myself, this is Scheepjes yarn and if you want to see some beautiful things that is made with it, go to official scheepjes - international group on Facebook.  Be prepared to be lured in once you see these beautiful creations.

So there! I confessed! Not is it just cross stitched pieces I have hanging about unfinished, but a a crocheted shawl as well as a knitted pair of socks and a close to finished crocheted afghan as well.  Shame of me! Also want to add that I haven't gone through all my stash at this point and don't really dare to.  I'm sure there are other things that need finishing as well.  

So as I work on the things that I've started up until now, I'll share updates with you my dear friends and we'll celebrate together as they're finished with a cup of coffee or tea and a few minutes relaxation time.

I may have mentioned that I've gone into a different style in decorating at our house.  I love the farmy, primitive look and have been doing one room at a time.  I found these two little critters over the weekend and they fit right in.  They're both over seven inches tall and six inches high.  Paid just $5.00 for the set.  Can't beat that! 

At the same place I found this doily which is over 31" in diameter! It is beautifully done.  Now I have the pattern for this as well as the thread, but for $8.00 I felt it would be smarter to grab it up and use it than to wind up with another unfinished project! I am learning! It looks lovely on my dining table.

Keep in mind my dear friends and followers, that when I get to 100 followers that I'll be giving away a box of pretties which will include some thing that everyone likes.  Crafty things and just fun and pretty things are in it, and it's anxious for a trip.  So let your friends that may be interested know also.  Hope to be able to get the box on the way soon.

Until next time, please ya'll, stay well and safe.  Enjoy some beautiful weather and come back again soon.  Love ya'll. Oh! Of course, last but not least......"Feel the colors"


  1. What beautiful projects you have going, LindaLee! I look forward to seeing more progress made on them. Happy Spring!

  2. I am very glad you found my blog which meant I have found yours.I am enjoying reading about your crafting adventures and seeing the beautiful colours.

  3. Very nice and beautiful projekts.

  4. Lovely work of the Autumn leaves on your header.
    You have some lovely WIPs on the go , I have about 30 plus like you say so many lovely designs out there .
    Have a good week hugs.

  5. There are just too many lovely things! I think it's better to start them than leave them in stash. I like having a finishing time too and wish you the best of luck with yours.

  6. So many lovely projects. Don't feel bad. I had 75 WIPs at the beginning of the year. I love starting new pieces. I look at it this way though. I'm happy. It's my hobby. I can do it the way I want to. So enjoy. Whatever you need to do to be happy.

  7. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !