Wednesday, September 1, 2021


     Here it is September, and soon autumn weather will be here as well.  Cooler evenings.  Crisp mornings where the sun will actually feel good, and a light sweater will feel nice as well.  I can already picture Billy and I on our back porch with a hot cup of tea and a lap blankets.  Oh how nice.  

     This summer has been a disastrous one all over our world.  Sickness.  Fires.  Drought. Floods. Earth quakes and war.  We need to continue to keep all in prayer, and especially all those who have experienced these things first hand and those who have lost loved ones.

     My "Grey Alien" is coming along, but I have finally given in.  A couple of days ago, I started a new piece that is loaded withy bright colors.  It will be a gift, and here's a picture of it below.  The colors are so much brighter than what they look here.

What I have done so far.  Having fun stitching with bright colors once again.  Will pick up "Grey Alien" tomorrow morning and do some on it.

     COVID 19 has hit our area hard in the last couple of weeks, and local schools are closed down now.  Walmart is urging everyone again to wear masks, and we're watching for updates each day.  The closest hospital in New Bern, NC is now saying that it is starting to become filled due to COVID.  Will it ever end! You all stay safe.
   We went through the loss of our 16 year old fur baby last month.  Riley was a shelter dog when we found him, and once he dug up and replanted every new flower I put in the yard, he decided to be the perfect companion for all those years.  I still don't think I found every flower that he replanted! Just look at those eyes.  We loved him so much and will miss him for sometime to come.
    I've been too slow getting back here, and I've missed all my faithful friends and followers.  I thank you for sticking with me.  Love you all, and lastly...........Feel the colors! 



  1. Hello Linda, Sorry to hear that your area is still suffering with the Covid 19, this virus seems to be dragging on and on. Thank goodness our area here in the north of Spain is now much better with most people having received their second vaccine - but so worrying anyway and most people still wear their masks. Pretty stitching you are doing with lovely bright colours. Sorry about Riley, we get to love our pets so much, I´m sure he will never be forgotten.

  2. So sorry about Riley , such a sad loss.
    Good to see you back and some lovely bright stitching .
    Yes it has been a sad year for so many .
    Lets hope and pray things will get back to normal soon.
    Enjoy a lovely day.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Riley. He was so lucky to have been "found" by you. So many unwanted animals out there, my heart is big enough for all of them, just not my home.

    Yes the world is filled with tumult and I think it will only get worse. It is sad to say but humans will never get "it". The true way to peace and happiness comes from God and this is so lost on folks. I always try to love everyone as God loves me, I fail but I do give it my best.

    Another lovely project for you, how fun. I love you Linda, so very much. God Bless! Sandi Jo

  4. LindaLee: I am so sorry about Riley, what a loss, he looks like he is in such love with you, I hope you are considering another baby.
    Nice design the colors are beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing it finished.
    It is sad what is going on in the world, I think God is sending a message to the world, that is just my feeling.
    Have a lovely weekend


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  7. Hello LindaLee, I too have not been posting to my blog as regularly as I once did, life happens. Thank you for the delightful picture of the colours in your closing salutation, it is wonderful. Kay.

  8. So sorry to read about Riley. Pets really are family members and more. And yes, this pandemic is wearing us all down. Just when you think it could be nearing an end, there is a surge. I think we all go through the ebbs and flos or posting. Nice to see you posting again.