Saturday, November 6, 2021

November! Oh My!

      I do pray that this post finds you all well! I've been absent for a few weeks, but everyone and everything is well.  Billy and I got our COVID boosters a couple of weeks ago, and in a couple more weeks, I'll get my flu shot.  We have been so blessed with good health.  Not a sniffle even! 

     Our warm weather is now gone and I don't think we'll see any come back this way until March.  We have had to turn the heat on and even fire up the wood stove due to temperatures in the low 40's in the mornings.  Us southerners can't take much cold you know, and when temperatures get down close to the mid 50's, we're looking for sweaters.  That's not saying that we miss the hot and humid weather we had all summer now.

     I can't believe that it's time for Christmas shopping! Other than gifts for the little ones this year, I believe we will be looking forward to a nice dinner at home.  Grocery prices have gone sky high in this area.  I saw a three pound chuck roast the other day at over $24.00.  One of the cheapest cuts of beef and only tender when cooked for quite a while.  I couldn't believe it! We got a notice the other day that our auto insurance is going up another $200.  I would hate to think what it would go up if we had a claim of any kind.  Anyway! We'll be going to Christmas eve service at our church and look forward to celebrating the birth of Christ.  Then spending Christmas day here at home in a warm and cozy house.

     We had to have our sweet Riley put to sleep.  He was sixteen and we got him as a pup from a rescue mission,  He was a wonderful friend, companion and sweet boy for a long time.  We could see though, that he had started to fail a couple of years back.  We knew he was hurting, and knew that his hind quarters were giving him lots of trouble. Though he had no particular medical problems, he was going blind and deaf as well.  Slowing way down, and sleeping a good part of the day and night.  After talking with the vet., we knew that he would start to experience more difficulties as time went on.  He was a beautiful boy with love in his eyes.

     To my surprise, after I went through all my stash, I found that I only have a total of eight WIPs! So what I have done, is lined them up in a wooden crate right beside my stitchy chair.  As soon as my "Colorful Flower" is finished, I will work with a rotation plan. It looks like a week on each piece at a time, and once a week is up on one piece, it will go in the back of the pile.  I just want to finish what I've started so much.  I have to be honest here, and it may sound funny, but one of my WIPs is over twenty years old! My goodness!

     He is my "Colorful Flower" as of this morning.  Got a couple of hours in, and all the petals are filled in except for the hi-lights.  I'm really enjoying this piece.

     The alien is still the same.  I started this flower and stopped the stitching on him for the time being.  He is first in line in the rotation program though.  The plan is to work on each piece for one week before going to the next.

     Once again. I do hope you are all well, and looking forward to a family Thanksgiving.  Enjoying the milder temperatures as well, and stitching with all kinds of beautiful colors!  Love you all, and don't forget to "Feel the Colors".




  1. So sorry about your sweet dog , I know how hard it is ,
    Love your flower it's full of color .
    Have a good Sunday.

    1. Thank you so much. We do miss our little boy. I'm really enjoying all the colors in this flower. Makes it easy to work on.

  2. Linda Lee, How wonderful to have a word from you. I'm sorry that you had to loose your beautiful and loving friend Riley.They bring so much to our lives, it is more than difficult when they leave us behind. I send you enfolding (((hugs))) Good to know you are so well. We too will celebrate our Christmas alone, although we will enjoy the time, as always. Our meat and groceries are also very expensive of late. we are told it is because of bush fires, floods, no folk to work the farms and so it goes. I envy your seasonal change, I prefer cooler and Autumn is my favourite season. Hopefully our Christmas will not be too hot.
    Love the colourful flower, it looks very happy.

    1. Oh my goodness Kay. It's sweet people like yourself that makes me want to keep up with my blog. I have been so out of touch with it, and then you come along with your dear comments.
      I pray that you will get some cooler weather for the holidays. The summers are so hot and humid. We can hardly work in our little gardens any longer, and it's hard to even keep the lawn mowed. We are fortunate to have a good friend that has mowed it for us for a few years now. Praise the Lord.
      You stay well Kay, and thank you so much for sticking with me all these years. I always try to do better, but I fail so often.
      You're very dear to me my friend. Hugs and Stitches, LindaLee <><
      I just realized that I don't have your email address, so will post this on my blog.

  3. Glad to hear from you, was thinking about you the other day. Sorry about your puppy. He's running around in Rainbow heaven now.
    I like your stitching. We too will be staying home for the holidays. Just Dave and me and Jasmine to enjoy a turkey dinner and relax watching TV.
    I know the prices of meat have gone up, I was looking at chickens in Sobey's the other day and they wanted over $12.00 for a whole chicken. Things are getting out of hand if you ask me.

    Have a great Sunday, big hugs Lynda Ruth

  4. Howdy Lynda Ruth! It's so good to hear from you! It has been a while and I really need to get in here far more often than I do. You have a great Thanksgiving.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about Riley. Sending you virtual hugs. Stay well and enjoy your holidays.

  6. Sorry to hear about Riley.
    Yes! Everything is going up in price.
    Pretty soon we will all be eating beans & weenies! LOL
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Great progress on your colorful flower. Fun to work with right colors. I have to laugh about your WIPs and lining them up to stitch in rotation. I do the same thing….until something comes up and tempts me away. Happy stitching.


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