Saturday, September 17, 2022


       Oh my what a beautiful morning! The air is cooler and the sun actually feels good.  Bill and I both have been outside.  Planted two "peanut butter" trees and a Tulip tree.  Hope to one day find that they're shading the car a good part of the day.  Time will tell.

     Looking at some of the Facebook pages that I follow, I saw this here purse.  Thinking it's one of the prettiest crocheted purses that I've seen, and got the pattern.  Won't be starting it right away, but I'll remember that I have it.  Kathy McIntyre crocheted this one.  I love the colors she used.

     Have been helping my little daughter-in-law for the last couple days.  She just had a knee cap removed and is "painfully" healing.  Though I took a couple of things with me, I didn't spend a lot of time on them.  I did get a little more done on the Quaker Welcome piece which is one of the pieces in my rotation group.

     Just a short post this Saturday morning.  I'll let you go to enjoy your weekend.  Love you all and remember to "feel the colors".

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Something a Little Different

      When I saw this boho style bag I saved the pattern.  I loved it! Decided to make it up and here it is below. Instead of the off white, I went with the pale beige and the straps I sent for matches it perfectly.  I lined it with muslin and added the button.  Already using it and I love it still.  Enjoyed making it so

much, that I decided to keep on crocheting, and am now making a shawl with so Willow yarn.  Will show you that next time when I have a little more done.  Again.  The pattern is easy and works up well with a size H hook.  Will be going back to my cross stitching as soon as the shawl is finished.

Speaking of cross stitching! I am so glad that fall is on the way, and I love seeing all the pretty pieces that my friends and followers are stitching up.  Warm and delicious colors this time of year.  I picked up ten skeins the other day and will send them out to a lucky winner on LindaLee'sCrossSAL.  A name will be picked at random.  

One of the last Roses of Sharon to bloom in the back yard this season, but the red Spider Lily's  just starting out for the season.

Now even though the weather is still hot and uncomfortable today, before we know it, we'll be grabbing our light sweaters and we'll be talking hot teas and soups.  I'll also be lighting up my apple and cinnamon scented candles, and sitting out on our porch again with that first cup of hot coffee first thing in the morning.  I'm looking forward to it all!

We do hope to get up to Blowing Rock, NC in the next couple of weeks.  Beautiful trails and scenery.  We plan on spending a night up there and our good friend, Dave will be puppy sitting our Guthrie.  Will be a nice getaway.

Will let you all go for now.  Hope you're keeping those fingers working and enjoying some beautiful threads or yarns.  

Love you all, and until next time, "Feel the colors".

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Just Need Some Oomph!

      I do indeed need a little oomph! I have lots to keep me busy which includes the house working chores as well as my needlework! Just need a little......or a lot of energy to even begin sometimes.  I always have a great excuse, and my favorite is, "I'm 76 years old and deserve to sit and do nothing"! Only problem is, is that excuses don't get anything done either!

     I did pick up my cross stitch this morning.  First time since I've been back from my vacation.  The hour I put into it felt so good, and to be working on Grey again was needed.  I would love to finish him in time for a Christmas gift, but that means a lot of  X's indeed! Want to get back into that stitching for an hour each morning.  I'm working on the lower right hand corner of Grey right now.

I also finished the purse I was working on.  End results is a 13 X 8 purse using knitting worsted.  It's all lined, and it was an easy pattern.  The next one, I plan on it being multicolored and crochet the handle as well.  A good project to start tomorrow while waiting for Bill at the dentist.  He's having a lengthy procedure started and won't be able to drive home.

At our local senior center, we have started chair volley ball.  A beach ball is used and you can't stand up.  It is so much fun.  Bill and I both have enjoyed it, and it is catching on fast, so we'll probably be adding a second court!

Lots of noise and all going on behind us.  Having some very tall trees removed in preparation of any hurricanes that may come our way this year.  The weather remains a little more comfortable here, so it's a little easier for the workers.  They did find an underground hornet's nest, and wound up digging it up and removing the stump and all for no extra cost.  The guy just said that he hated hornets and would close the door of the piece of equipment and go at it! One way to take care of them for sure.  We'll check again next wet day and if there are any left, we'll burn them out.  I hate to do that, but sting they will and their stings hurt!

Planning a trip up to Blowing Rock sometime soon.  It's a five hour trip, so we'll spend a night there.  Lots of trails, streams and scenic views.  Then the town of Blowing Rock itself is so quaint.  Looking forward to making the trip.  It may not be for a month or so, due to Bill's procedure.  Three visits for that in all.

Going to let you go for now.  I do hope that this finds you all well and keeping those fingers busy with beautiful threads and colors.  Love you all.

"Feel The Colors"


Saturday, August 13, 2022

Welcoming the Cool

     Only 65 this early morning.  Hasn't been this cool since mid spring here.  It feels so good.  Shut the AC off last night and opened the bedroom windows.  Then this morning we have  doors and windows open as well.  It's just plain lovely!  It does look like we're in for a couple of days of cooler weather ahead and a little rain.  So thankful for this.

     I haven't gotten to my cross stitching since I last posted.  Just been on the go with a few things here, and by the time I have some spare time, I have just relaxed.  I have however ordered three new charts from calicoconfectionery at Etsy.  Marcie there is our featured designer at my LindaLee's SAL for this month, and is giving us a 15% discount!  So the three are shown below.

Marcie has so many pretty designs and I'm so glad that she did decide to join in our fun at LindaLee's.

I finished the crocheting on the purse that I showed you in my last post.  Now I'm ready to line it before attaching the handles.  Here's a picture to show you what I decided to go with for a liner.  I have so much yarn in my stash in my she shed, that I think I'll be making more of these.

Church tomorrow and then home for the day.  H!
ope to again, relax and finally get some stitching done.  Planning on a simple breakfast meal for dinner even, and the weather will be cool again.  Lovely day ahead!
You all know that I love you, and hope you're all well.  Until next time, keep those fingers busy and "feel the colors"  I just had to post this, with fall coming and all.


Saturday, August 6, 2022


      LMN is done.  This is just one piece from Little House ABC Samplers.  Enjoying these smaller pieces, and will probably make them in tiny pillows when they're done, to put them in a basket or tray.  The snow and snowflakes are hard to see in the photo, but they're there!

Will probably get Grey back out now for a few days. I have loved doing a rotation type thing. If you get bored with one piece, you just go to the next.  It's like starting a new one all over again!

Cross stitching isn't my only pleasure.  I knit and crochet as well and enjoy both.  Cross stitching just happens to be my favorite.  Here's a picture of a purse I'm crocheting below, and a top that I'm knitting as well.  Here is a picture of the purses that I'm making below.  First one is in variegated green, and I'm using wooden handles.  Very pretty.

I'm also knitting this lovely T below.  Done in the same color as the photo.

     I just enjoy needlework, and it is therapy to me.  Clears my mind and relaxes me.  I have a hard time, keeping my hands idle!

Oh! before I forget! I ran across this free chart for the sampler below.  Isn't is pretty, and you choose the color or colors that you want.  I was thinking, all in black except for the bee.  Do him in light gold and black with pale grey wings.

Go to the site below for the free download.

I see that there is a disturbance in the pacific, coming off the coast of Africa.  It's hurricane season so we'll be keeping an eye on it for the next few days.  Though it's still hot and sticky here, it has been a little milder the last couple of days.  A little more comfortable.

Well I must let you all go now.  Hitting noon here in the eastern United States, and still want to get a salad done up for dinner.  Bill loves my potato salad.  You all take care.  Stay well and love you all.  Until next time, "Feel the Colors"!


Monday, August 1, 2022

A New Day

     I wake every morning and think about how blessed I am to be able to see a brand new day.  It was just about eight years ago, that I was given one to three weeks to live! This was after I had been in the hospital for more than six weeks.  After several medications, and even some that they use for cancer patients, and my spleen removed, I was sent home to wait to pass.  I went to have my platelets checked every day and they stayed critically low for three weeks.  Then God stepped in and my platelets began to climb.  Climb they did! From under 2,000 to where they are today at 400,000 plus! So here I am.  Today I am declared ITP free! I have to tell this story every so often, to give others hope and to again, praise the Lord.  Thank you Father for every new day.

     I have more done on the piece I showed you the other day, and should be able to finish it up today.  I have the house to fill in and the ground of white snow.  A few tiny snow flakes as well.  It seems good to be able to work on something that is in the rotation pieces.  It always reminds me of how much I loved the pieces and the colors when I first saw it.  Then again when I kitted it up.

     Something new has come to us cross stitch lovers.  Now, kits that come with fully printed designs on aida! The threads are with it and all sorted out for you.  Also a paper chart! So basically, there is no counting and there are many different kits available.  I have the one shown here, and have just a few stitches done.  I'm in no hurry with this one, but think it would work out well as a "take with me" piece while waiting for an appointment of some type.

     Today I'll be straightening out my sewing room.  I have to do this like once a month.  Get all things put away in their proper places.  All threads back where they belong and charts that I haven't started yet put away.  Approximately three weeks from now, it will look like it does at this moment! Which isn't good! So much for keeping my work area picked up! I can't believe that I let it get this bad.....and so often too!

     At my Facebook group, LindaLee's Cross SAL, we're so lucky to have Marcie Peschong from the Calico Confectionery Etsy shop as our featured designer for August.  Lovely designs and offering a 15% discount for LindaLee's members.  She's so talented and giving.  Blessed to have her with us.  Thank you Marcie.  Here is one of her new designs, which is well liked.  Pretty fall colors.


      Well I shall let you all go for today.  Stay safe in the heat that we're all experiencing.  Drink lots of water and "Feel the Colors".  Love you all.

Saturday, July 30, 2022


      Yes indeed! It's August already, and I'm sure by now many of you are looking forward to fall weather.  It has been a hot and humid summer, but some things we have to endure while we wait for the nicer things.  I hope this finds you all healthy and keeping those fingers busy with beautiful colors.

     I just got back home from nearly a month long vacation.  I had looked forward to the getaway to NH for over a year, but didn't realize just how much I needed it as well.  New Hampshire is my home state, and I have so much family and good friends there.  I saw a number of my cousins that I hadn't seen in 33 years! Imagine that! When we got together, it was just like we had never parted.  What fun and I love them all so much.  Got to see more cousins and my son and his beautiful wife along with grandchildren and a great grand.  There were so many things going on and every one of them was fun.  Trivia nights with dinner out a couple of times a week.  Watching my daughter-in-law as she played pickleball.  Got to know lots of friends of hers.  Walks and a camping trip.  Spending a day at the beach I went to as a child a lot.  Taught my little grand, Isaiah, how to catch tiny crabs there and he loved swimming there.  I learned to play Phase 10 and we played nearly every night.  I now miss everyone and am determined that my next trip to NH will be a lot sooner than this one.

     A beautiful wall quilt that I found for $5.00 at a thrift shop.  It has a name and a date of 1997 on the back, and it stitching is beautiful.  It looks brand new, and I'm getting ready to hang it.  It's 35" x 35".

     When I left for my trip, I brought a piece with me that is in my rotation pieces.  Once up there, I realized that I had left a number of the specialty threads at home! Duh! Needless to say, I didn't get a lot of stitching done, but this is what I was working on.

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things, now that I'm home again.  I also hope that this finds you all well and doing okay in the heat of this summer.
I love you all and last but not least, "Feel the Colors".



       Oh my what a beautiful morning! The air is cooler and the sun actually feels good.  Bill and I both have been outside.  Planted two &...