Wednesday, September 1, 2021


     Here it is September, and soon autumn weather will be here as well.  Cooler evenings.  Crisp mornings where the sun will actually feel good, and a light sweater will feel nice as well.  I can already picture Billy and I on our back porch with a hot cup of tea and a lap blankets.  Oh how nice.  

     This summer has been a disastrous one all over our world.  Sickness.  Fires.  Drought. Floods. Earth quakes and war.  We need to continue to keep all in prayer, and especially all those who have experienced these things first hand and those who have lost loved ones.

     My "Grey Alien" is coming along, but I have finally given in.  A couple of days ago, I started a new piece that is loaded withy bright colors.  It will be a gift, and here's a picture of it below.  The colors are so much brighter than what they look here.

What I have done so far.  Having fun stitching with bright colors once again.  Will pick up "Grey Alien" tomorrow morning and do some on it.

     COVID 19 has hit our area hard in the last couple of weeks, and local schools are closed down now.  Walmart is urging everyone again to wear masks, and we're watching for updates each day.  The closest hospital in New Bern, NC is now saying that it is starting to become filled due to COVID.  Will it ever end! You all stay safe.
   We went through the loss of our 16 year old fur baby last month.  Riley was a shelter dog when we found him, and once he dug up and replanted every new flower I put in the yard, he decided to be the perfect companion for all those years.  I still don't think I found every flower that he replanted! Just look at those eyes.  We loved him so much and will miss him for sometime to come.
    I've been too slow getting back here, and I've missed all my faithful friends and followers.  I thank you for sticking with me.  Love you all, and lastly...........Feel the colors! 


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Close to July. Oh My!

      Yes! Here it is, close to the end of June already! Seems the kids just started back to school, and some, the ones on year around school, are looking forward to summer vacation! We've had a mixture this season of hot and sticky as well as mild and rainy.  Seems it's always humid though.  The Wisteria has bloomed and gone by as has the Azalais.  Both looked forward to every spring.  The Mimosa trees are in full bloom right now and some of the Crepe Myrtles are starting to bloom.  I have a garden full of beautiful zinnias which a plant every year in memory of Grampa.  Wondering what's blooming in your area.

     I'm working away on "Grey Alien" still, and even with all the dark blues and greys, I'm enjoying the stitch.  My grand daughter-in-law is looking forward to the finish, as I'm doing it for her.  Seems like it took forever to get to the eye, but I'm there now, and love the detail! Just started on page four of twelve, so the finish won't be for a while.   

     I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn't buy anymore charts, kits or fabric this year.  I wanted it to be the year of finishes.  So far so good.  I'm not bragging.  I just can't believe myself! Of all things to not buy! I've done well though by staying away from 1-2-3 Stitch as well as Everything Cross Stitch.  It ain't easy, as you can imagine!

     I'm pretty excited, as I'm finally having cataract surgery.  First one is on the 30th. of this month, and the second on the 7th. of July.  I have worn glasses full time since sixth grade, and it will be so nice to get rid of them.  I did do contacts for quite some time though, and loved them.  So, with all the people I know that have had the same surgery, and being so happy about the colors being brighter, I'm finally going to be able to join them.  Right now, I can't imagine so many colors being brighter than they are, but where vision changes slowly, I guess maybe we just don't realize the difference.

     Another thing that is different in my world, is the fact that I'm now on a cpap machine every night, and it hasn't been an easy thing for me.  I think for the first month, the dang face mask itself wasn't sealing correctly.  It sounded as bad as I had before.  It would burp, snort, snore and moan almost continuously every night.  Most nights, after putting up with it for two to three hours, I would wind up tearing it off my head, and throwing it to the bottom of the bed! Wondering if this is sounding familiar to anyone here.  I was so determined to have it work for me, and finally, I'm up to eight or so hours with it every night.  So for any of my friends and followers here that may be experiencing the same thing, don't give up.  

     Things are getting back to normal in our area, after the pandemic.  We're getting out some now, and loving the fact that we can see smiles again.  Talk with strangers we meet and get back with family and friends.  It had been too long.  I do hope I find that you all got through the mess, healthy.  My son had the COVID, and was so fortunate as he said for him it wasn't any worse than a mild flu.  

     It's overcast here again today and has started raining as well.  I have clothes in the dryer to fold and some cross stitching that's calling my name.  Going to be a slow and peaceful day I believe.

     You all be safe and well until next time.  Enjoy every single day to the fullest and last but not least, "feel the colors".  Love you all.


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Windy Wednesday Here

     Windy indeed.  It's cool and we are getting some rain, but more of a mist today.  The wind has been blowing all morning and now into the afternoon.  Trees are swaying back and forth and it seems that some of the smaller birds at the feeders are holding on just a little tighter than usual while they choose the seeds they want.
     I don't know how many of you follow the blog, Africanaussie, but after quite a lot of time away, doing busy things, Gillian is back.  I have always loved her blog.  She does a lot of gardening.  Has a few recipes over there to share as well.  Check it out.
     Little, fluffy, Guthrie got his first clipping about a week ago.  He was just so adorable with the long curly coat that he had, that we just kept putting shortening it off.  With warmer weather on the way, I figured that now was the time.  We knew he had eyes, but only got to see them from time to time before!

He did great at the groomers, and he's still a cute little stinker! Unfortunately, he has had a couple o
seizures recently.  Didn't realize what the first one was, as I've never had a dog to this.  I thought maybe he had just got bitten outside by a snake or something.  Rushed him to the vet, which is right around the corner from us, and he was fine as soon as we got inside.  So, the second one, Billy knew what was happening and just kept him safe while he fought through it.  He has a yearly check up coming up, so we'll be addressing this then.
     I've stuck to my promise "to myself" and haven't purchased anything new in the way of cross stitch.  I have seen some really neat charts and all, but I'm determined that this is the year for my WIPs to be finished up number one.  Number two, the year to organize the charts that I do have, so I'll know where to start with them in the new year!  I've stuck with "Grey Alien" and am very close to the one eye, which I think makes the whole piece perfect! Here's where I am at this time. I try to get an hour in of stitching  first thing in the morning, and have decided that the perfect time to stitch during the day is when hubby, Billy is napping.  So while he's catching up on some sleep, I'll be catching up on my stitching!

     With the gas stations out of gas now, I'm wondering what will be next.  It was a long summer last year due to the virus.  Now I'm wondering if this year will find many staying home because of the gas shortage.  News has it that we'll be back to normal by the weekend, but how do they know, when they aren't even sure of all the details that started it yet!
     Just got word the other day, that our local senior center is opening back up this week.  First to pick back up is the yoga and tai chi classes.  We were going there a couple of times a week for lunches before they closed due to the pandemic.  Billy for the yoga and I was going for the bunco also.  It has so many fun things for the seniors, and it will be nice to see so many of the members start back again.  We have lost a few since the close.  One from COVID that I know of, but others from different things.
     I think this is it for this time my dear friends and followers.  Continue to stay safe and well.  Keep those fingers busy and of course, don't forget to "feel the colors".  Love you all.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

This is Spring

      Here it is May, and spring is indeed here again.  Have been able to get outside since my cold has cleared up, and do some work in the garden areas.  Got all the seeds in for my annual zinnias and cosmos yesterday.  More weeds to pull, but plan on doing more this afternoon.  The roses that come up every year in our back yard, and started growing along the fence itself after all these years.  It's in full bloom now.  The front garden is going to be a difficult clean this year, with all the wild prickly vines.  We have tried to get rid of them over the years, but they're tough little buggers indeed!

          The Bluebirds are feeding a nest of babies in our front yard, and I watched the mom and dad swoop down several times at a Blackbird in the feeder yesterday.  Apparently they're getting ready to feed their own at the one feeder.  Making it safe ahead of time.  Many birds have enjoyed the fresh water we put out each day this year.  It has been so very dry.

     I'm liking the fact that I decided to go with simple old fashioned Geraniums for out small porch in the front of the house this year.  They just keep blooming and blooming and the two colors together are so pretty.

     I picked up my stitching for the first time in over a week yesterday, and enjoyed it for a couple of hours.  I didn't do any stitching at all while I was sick with that cold.  Did finish the book we were reading and expecting another by the same author to be delivered today.  Here's the "Grey Alien" below showing a little progress though.  Though it is still not showing any signs of an alien, it has been a soothing stitch with all the blues and greys.  There is even some pale pinks and lavenders in there!
     Will let you go for this time around again, but before I do, I want to remind you all again, that you mean so much to me.  Following me through all my laziness and being behind with the important things shows how loyal you are as well as caring.  Love you all so much.

     Enjoy today and remember to "feel the colors".

Saturday, May 1, 2021

What a Week!

     After a week with a wicked cold, I think I can finally say that I'm doing much better this morning.  I spent a good part of this week in bed with the cold.  Didn't eat much and didn't do any stitching at all.  No gardening like I planned, and not an awful lot of preparing meals. I saw the doctor Thursday afternoon and she took an x-ray of my chest.  Nice and clear, so it was mostly in my head.  Anyway! I am so blessed to be feeling better this beautiful Saturday morning. It does look like it's going to be a sunny and breezy day.

     I did spend a few minutes here and there in my she shed, putting a puzzle together.  Very close to being done.  It was nice to be out there after a cold winter, but I couldn't stay up too long.  So I have more done than what this picture shows below, but still not done.  You can see on the upper right that the sun was already shining in this cool morning.

I've also done a lot of reading this week.  Our new library club book for the month is "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen.  Can't seem to put the book down for any length of time before picking it back up again.  Fast moving and interesting.  Will be looking in the author for sure.

I sure wish I had some stitching to show you, but that will come in the next couple of days.  I'm gaining my strength back a little each day, and staying up longer.  Next post will be newsier as well I hope.  For now though, I'm going to let you all go with a wish for a wonderful weekend.
Keep those fingers busy and don't forget to "feel the colors" all around you! Love each and every one of you.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

A Good Sunday Morning

      Yes! A good Sunday morning to all of you! It's 60 here this morning, and we're to get some rain today.  I seem to have developed a cold over the last couple days, and plan on getting a lot of sleep today.  Didn't sleep all that well last night.

     My grand daughter decided about three months ago that she wanted to learn how to cross stitch.  Just knowing that, made my heart smile.  Oh my goodness! She picked it right up and hasn't stopped stitching since! She has finished about five or so pieces, and does beautiful work. She sent me this picture yesterday.  She wants to do up one of these little pillows for her mom for mother's day. I had never seen them before, but what a nice gift. The pillow will be ten by ten when finished.  I'm wondering if these could be made up as prayer shams.  Just like the shawls.  For the gals especially.

     I have a wooden box in my she shed that holds all my WIP's, and here's a picture of one of them below.  Love these little pieces.  All together, I have about ten pieces to finish up.  Not bad I guess, but will be working on them throughout this year, as I said before.  Pretty pieces that I loved when I purchased the charts, and love them still.

A second one that I have.  I remember when I first saw this and loved the colors.  When finished, it will have the word, "stitch" in many different languages.

          It's always nice to see different things coming to life again in the spring.  I put in some Blackberry plants last year, and I noticed that they are not only loaded with buds but have multiplied big time.  I look forward to cooking some sweets up with them.  Then I noticed that the Blueberry shrub that we have is loaded this year. See the berries below, in a picture that is a little blurry.  Sorry folks.  By the way....We have just this one shrub and have to split the berries with the birds!

     Though it's only nine in the morning here, I'm ready to head back to bed for a couple of hours.  Hope this cold is gone tomorrow.
     Love you all so much.  Be well and keep those fingers busy.  Don't forget to "feel the colors".

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Nearly May and a Finish

      Yep! Nearly May and I'm realizing now how long it has been since my last post! Oh my! I do hope this finds all of you well and staying safe still with this COVID continuing to do ups and downs.  We're getting out a little bit here, but being careful still with masks and all.  I have to say that we felt like a couple of kids at the farmer's market a couple of weeks ago.  A lot of it is outside completely and other venders are in a building with huge doors all opened up.  Breezy inside even, and we got to smile and chat with many  others that were there.  Picked up some fresh veggies and just enjoyed the time out.

     I just have to show you my Clematis this season.  Every year it seems to get bigger and I just love the color of the flowers on this one.  Azaleas also are in bloom in the area.  Beautiful pinks and purples of all shades.

I finished "Love Abides" and picked it up from the framer's the other day.  Here it is below.

I must say that it was one of my most enjoyable stitches, and my little daughter-in-law absolutely loves it.  This is another piece that I started out doing for my own home, but when her and my son bought the new house, I changed my mind.  I'm glad I did.  My son is in PA for a couple of weeks for his job right now.  
I have put aside "Great Silence" for the time being, as my grand daughter-in-law wanted the "Grey Alien" done up.  Right now it looks like "The Blue Blob", LOL.  This is what it looks like today, and I don't expect anyone to see the alien yet! I cant even tell much, and I know what I'm doing! LOL

I'll continue working bits and pieces of "Great Silence" as I do love it and the colors in it are delicious.

I'm enjoying my she shed and am glad that the warmer spring weather is coming.  We have had some warm sunny days, but still we dip down into the mid thirties for a night or two. So if the morning is chilly I turn the heater on that I have for the shed.  It won't be long though before I'll need the air conditioning again.  Right now though, I have a jigsaw puzzle going out there, which covers the entire table top.  So not much room for anything else.  Loving the puzzle though and I made some nice progress on it yesterday. Just look at those colors, and I must say that I am so feeling them.  By the way, a very dear online friend that I have had for years, sent me this.  Thank you again, Becky.

     Well, I decided a few weeks back, that this needs to be my finish year.  I won't be starting anymore new pieces until I finish my WIPs.  It has become ridiculous to me to continue purchasing new charts 
when I have some that are years old, and untouched since I got them.  I'm speaking for myself my dear friends and followers.  I'm not getting any younger.  Actually turned 75 in March, and I want to stitch all the charts that I have loved for so long.  All the fabric is waiting as well! Oh my!

I have also come to realize, that what has become a habit of mine, is to sit down with my first cup of coffee every morning, and stitch for at least an hour.  As much as I love to stitch, I want to spend more time here and on my site, "LindaLee's Cross SAL". Otherwise, I stitch and then get up and wander off to other things in the house. So, I'll be here first thing in the mornings and staying close to you, my dear friends and followers.  I have missed you!
That said, I will let you go for today.  I pray that you're all doing well, and keeping your fingers busy with beautiful colors and fabrics.  Love each and every one of you.  Stay safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Another Freebie!

      Don't  know how many of you are familiar with Sandi Jo.  She has been an online friend of mind forever.  A very sweet lady.  Well this freebie I found through her blog, "Needle Free For All".  She posts free online charts daily, and it's always fun to see what she has found.  This one below was from yesterday.

and you can go here to get the free chart for it..
Even with the flowers, I thought it would be a cute stitch for my kitchen! It would also be a fun SAL, which I may have for a quarterly SAL.  We don't stitch a lot of the same things, which is just one thing that makes LindaLee's Cross SAL a different kind group, Anyway! Thank you Sandi Jo for bringing this to my attention.
Doing a small freebie  as well as my two larger pieces.  Freebie is so simple and something easier to do when it's early evening.  I chose to overlook the colors called for and am doing mine in brown tones.
Also started the new book, "Stationery Shop", and it sure was easy to get right into the story.  Have really been enjoying it.  I'm reading it with two other online friends which is kind of neat. I'm finding though, that I think out of the three of us, I'm the one that is the slow reader!
I realized that the Quince shrub out in our front yard is blooming! I was quite surprised with the cold days we've had off and on.  It's always the first thing to bloom every spring! Oh! I also have a Daffodil that's in bloom.  Another surprise indeed.
Billy and I have had both our COVID shots.  No real problems from them.  I was tired for a couple of days so just slept a lot.  Billy did fine.  Praise God that we do finally have a vaccine.  We can see the number of illnesses and deaths both coming down.  I just pray that they both continue to do the same.

   All the poor people in Texas. Suffering from the frigid weather.  I just can't imagine having to go through that for so many days.  When we lived in Maine, we were without electricity from an ice storm and that lasted for a week  We were fortunate though, as we had a finished basement with a wood stove that kept us toasty warm.  We melted snow and boiled it for cooking and all.  I even took a bath in a 30 gallon plastic bin with water heated on the stove.  Even then though, was nothing like what's going on in Texas today.  No water.  No food.  Empty shelves in the stores and freezing cold homes.  Not to mention the damage from broken pipes and all.  
I am going to stop here.  I do hope that this finds you my sweet friends and followers, doing well.  Staying warm and safe.  This post seems short and boring, and I'm so sorry.  Will try to do better next post.  Love you all.
Don't forget to "feel the colors"


Saturday, February 13, 2021

Spring On the Way

      Yes it is! It's mid February and spring starts on March 20th, so it isn't too far away.  Living in NH for all the years I did, I know that in the colder states all across the north, it seems like winter will never go away.  I can remember sitting in my kitchen window.  It would be March or April and the ground would still be covered with lots of snow.  I would look out over our yard knowing that underneath all that snow, there was actually life ready to burst up out the ground once again when the sun could warm the soil.  Even though this picture below has no snow whatsoever, it makes me think of all the flowers that struggle to come up every spring everywhere.  

We have been so very blessed this winter, with Orioles! Many of them.  The one and only time I've seen them here in our area in NC, was about four years ago.  Even then, I saw one and one only fly through our yard.  So a few weeks ago, when I started seeing them, we put oranges out right away with the seeds that fill our feeders.  They have been here constantly now, and so many of them! Bluebirds also seem to have multiplied over this last year.  We usually have a pair each year.  This year, again, we have seen as many as six or more at the different feeders. Thank you so much Father.
I don't every often, bring up books here, but Billy and I have become members of our local library's book club.  We started about six months back, and have enjoyed most of the books.  There has been a couple that I just couldn't get into, but the fun of reading books that I would never think to borrow has made the club and reading so very interesting.  Right now we're reading, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.  It's about a young girl that runs off with her caretaker after sneaking her out of the hospital.

 Also, at this time I would like to mention, that LindaLee's Cross SAL has taken off nicely, and not only are we doing our chat room itself but we are video chatting now.  Stitching together, and three of the other ladies there and I plan on reading this book below together.  It has been fun.  Everyone stitches what they want, but we are all actually stitching along, together.  
I've been keeping busy with my stitching............of course! Loving every stitch.  I think of how many hours it has brought me so much pleasure.  I know that you, my friends have these same feelings.  I would love to hear about and see what you're stitching on these days.  I have gotten this much done so far on "Great Silence" by Fran McKay over at her site, Chameleon CS.  I'm loving that I can finally see the actual petals of the flower.  I'm also enjoying all the bright colors.
Another, very small piece I'm picking away at is "Warm Winter Wishes" which I think was a free design from somewhere.  It's nice to work on when it's later in the evening and not much counting is needed.  Even the colors are few.  Few to the point that I'm thinking of adding just a touch of red in a few small places to it.
Billy and I got our first COVID vaccine nearly a month ago.  Going back this week for the second shot.  I pray that this finds yawl here, healthy, staying safe and keeping warm.  Keeping your fingers filled with threads and fabric as well.  
I'm letting you go for this time around.  I love you all.  Keep in mind to "feel the colors" around you.


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Happy New Year

      I hope that this post finds you all, my dear followers and friends, well and staying safe and warm.  I pray that 2021 is a year of healing.  Not just here in America, but all over the world.  I pray that it's the year of mending, good health, compassion and love.

     The holidays kept us all busy I'm sure, and now, here it is January.  We've had a few days of cold and rain in our part of NC, but we have enjoyed the time inside with a nice fire going, and watching the birds feasting outside at the feeders.  We have more than the usual Bluebirds this year.  One of my favorite birds.

     I've got two pieces going at once here, and enjoying them both.  One is the "Great Silence" by Fran McKay.  Loving all the bright colors. Here is a picture of a finished one.

And then here is where I'm at! A ways to go I'd say.  I've only ever done one other full coverage before, so this is made me hesitate before I ordered it.  The colors are what made me go for it though.  Also,

as you can see, I'm parking the threads.  Something that I never thought I'd be doing, but wanted to give it a try.
The second piece I'm working on is the "Love Abide", and enjoying the softer country like colors when I do switch to it.

LindaLee's Cross SAL over on Facebook is doing well.  It has been fun actually, and the stitchers joining the group are cross stitch lovers like we are here.  Most of us over there also have several WIP's which make great conversation starters.  Come on over and jump in with us.  I have an open chat room, and a little birdy told me that there is going to be a hand dyed thread giveaway coming up.

Oh! This piece below was a Christmas gift from Billy! He knew I loved it, and I told him that I would have a hard time ordering something so expensive for myself.  He's such a keeper.

Well, I'm going to let everyone go now.  I think of you all so often.  You've been so faithful, and I thank you for that.  Now you all stay well, warm and safe.  Keep those stitchy fingers busy, and ................
don't forget to "feel the colors"

Friday, December 4, 2020


Well hello December.

Seems you came out of the blue.

It's turned so cold,

     and there's still so much to do.

My "Spring Renewal" still sits and waits

As does other stitchy charts.

Far too much going on this year,

     and weighing heavy on our hearts.

The fires took so many homes and land.

The storms destroyed them too.

The floods the pandemic,

     and now the yearly flu.

So now we're getting ready for another new year.

It can't be as bad as the last.

Let's keep our faith and hopes real high,

     and 2020 will soon be past.

                             By me! LindaLee Sherman LOL

     Just thought I would start out with something a little different my sweet friends and followers.  With all that has happened this year as mentioned above, plus all the politics, it has been crazy, heart breaking and scary.  Here we are, nearly a year from when COVID 19 first crossed our borders,  and we're still fighting for our lives.  I pray so hard and I'll continue.  God answers prayers, but we have to remember also that His timing is perfect.  I do hope, that today's post finds you all warm and well.

     Well we've had a few cold days and last night was below freezing.  This afternoon, I can see the shrubs and plants that have suffered from this, but know that come spring, they will renew themselves and be all kinds of beautiful shades of greens.  The Camellias and the last of the Azaleas are still nice and green today though.  They're tougher than a lot of the other perennials.

     So my moon piece is finished, and though it says it was made for a relaxing weekend, you better hope that it's a longer weekend than usual! I didn't have to frog any of it and yet it still took me a total of 32 and a half hours! Here it is below.  As you can see, it's behind a mat, which came with the kit.  I'll be picking out a different mat for sure.  Maybe a medium gray.  We'll see.  I think also, that the dark 

fabric was harder for me to stitch on.  Anyway! It's done!

     I'm now working on this piece below, and hope to get it done by the end of this year.  This will be for my son and his wife for the new home they purchased.  I think, actually, I already showed you a picture, but here it is again.  I'm loving the primitive look of it and am also enjoying the colors.  I have all the

wording at the top done, and started on the limbs and the leaves in the tree this morning.  Also have the one star on the left done.  I've been trying to spoil myself by putting in an extra hour of cross stitch in the mornings......By the way......The house shows it! Ugh!

     Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.  Ours was quiet but still had a huge meal with all the fixings.  Let's face it! Thanksgiving is all about family and food.  We couldn't have a big gathering so we decided to do the usual foods anyway.  My son and his wife, did stop in real quick, adorning masks and grabbed a plate.

     A couple of pictures of the inside of my she shed for you.  I still have the inside trim to do around the windows and in the corners, but for all purposed that I use it for, it's complete, and it's been great working on it.  I feel so relaxed out there.  A little piece of Heaven will all the things I like.  There will be more pictures to come.  This is the wall straight in front of you when you walk in.  It will eventually be covered with crazy, colorful cross stitched pieces! The picture you see there now, is a gift from my dear friend Jeanne.  It's a bust of a lady with all kinds of colorful flowers instead of hair.  I love it and it's perfect for me.

This picture here, shows the table and chairs area.  How about those pillows! I love em'.  I'll be repainting the table eventually.  The table's top opens back and there is storage space under the shelf that you can see.  We stitchers know about storage spaces!

This third and last for right now is of my stitchy chair.  You can see the hanging light above it and all my knitting needles in containers to the right of it.  A few pieces ready to go in the wooden box.  All kitted up.  I'm not a fancy person, but this is mine and I'm happy with it

     Jumping ahead! 

     I'm still planning on starting my beautiful "Great Silence" piece after the new year.  There is a total of 78 members of my new Facebook group who will be following along and even stitching together.  It's a different kind of SAL I think.  There are a couple of us who will be stitching the same piece, but most are stitching pieces that they have chosen to do.  That's actually what I hoped for, and I didn't want any secret stitches or charts or deadlines to meet.  Just stitchers getting together and showing their pieces and enjoying other's stitching as well.  Hope to meet lots of new people and make some dear friendships happen as well.  So yawl come on over to LindaLee's Cross SAL and jump in! Would love to see you and what you are working on.

     Will it's the month of Christmas and I'm sure lots of you and doing the usual last minute rushing about.  My mother was one of those people that would have all her shopping done in July, but, God bless her, she would be sitting at the kitchen table all flustered the last few days before Christmas wrapping gift after gift. Reaching for the paper, the scissors and the tape and name tags time after time.  I just pray that you're all warm and well.  Make sure you don't get run down these last days of this year.  Billy and I have done well as far as staying healthy, but we know that the pandemic continues.

     I thank you all for stopping in, and for the comments you leave as well.  I try to answer all, but realize that I so often fail.  I love each and every one of you, and appreciate you also.  So don't give up on this little old lady here in North Carolina! LOL

     I do want to get back for another post before Christmas.  In the meantime, relax when you can.  Stay warm.  Stay safe and be well.  Last of all...........You guessed it! Feel the colors!




Thursday, November 12, 2020

A Small and Quick Piece

      It was fast at only six hours to stitch and it was an enjoyable stitch.  I stuck with the colors that it called for and I'm happy with the outcome.  Will probably make a pin cushion out of it or maybe just a tiny pillow.  I love little pillows! Here it is below.

     I'm still working on my moon kit.  I'm not really crazy about the piece, but we'll see once it's all done.  Maybe with the clouds complete and the piece in a frame, I'll be happier.  It will be going in my shed.

     We have been so very blessed in this area of North Carolina.  Other than a chilly day or two here and there, we are still having beautiful weather for this time of year.  So many flowers are reblooming actually.  Unbelievable! More Camellias outback.  The shrub is actually loaded this year! I just had to share another photo with you.  You can see the morning due still on them in this one.

     Keep in mind my friends, that I'm planning on starting a new SAL after the first of the new year.  There's already a Facebook page where you can join in.  Check it out at LindaLee's Cross SAL.  All my threads came today, which equaled a truck load really! Going to have Billy help me check to make sure that all that I ordered are there.  Got the DMC at 1-2-3 Stitch.  They're on sale for just sixty cents each.  So I'll get out to my shed in the next couple of days and grab some Aida for the project.  Posting once again, the picture of the piece I'll be stitching.  Can't stress enough how much I just want this new SAL group to be about just kicking back and relaxing with a piece you're enjoying.  So go on over to Facebook and jump in.  We'll meet a lot of new friends also I'm sure.

     Oh my goodness! Can you believe that this year of 2020 is coming to an end soon.  What a year it has been.  I've been keeping the virus.  The business closures.  The people who have lost jobs and are having to stand in lines for food, all in prayer.  Our government as well.  WE HAVE TO START HEALING and move on.  I pray that you all here are doing okay.

     Speaking of the virus and all that's going on at this time..........I decided that I'm not going to struggle with a big turkey this year.  Cornish game hens here.  I still plan on all the usual fixings.  I don't know at this time if it will be just Billy and I, or if our son and his wife will be joining us as well.  Our good friend, Dave, also may be here or maybe not.  Time will tell. 

     I'm going to let you all go for this time.  Please stay safe.  Stay well.  Remember that I love each and every one of you my dears friends and followers.  Last but not least! Feel those colors.