Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Thinking Spring!


     Yes! I am already thinking spring.  The Quince shrub in our front yard is actually in bloom! Now I did notice last year, that it blooms three different times through out the year.  I guess though, I didn't expect it to happen in February! A Valentine's surprise I guess.  So it this is happening, it won't be long before the other early spring bulbs burst forth with all their beauty.  The Orioles were here for nearly three weeks also, but have moved on I believe, as I haven't seen them for the last four days.  I'm watching for our Bluebirds to return now.  By the way.....Not a good picture of the Quince above, but it will give you an idea of the beautiful vibrant color.

     Now here's a picture below of my finished, but not framed "Token of Love" piece.  It was a quick piece to stitch and I found it very enjoyable.

     Each year for Valentine's Day, I like to stitch another piece for Billy.  So once I got the "Token of Love" framed, I got my Valentine's display all set up, with this newest piece.  Unlike the other pieces, this one won't be packed away until next year.  It will be hung in our bedroom.  I love the frame job on it.

      Well, today, I spent more time in my she shed.  Found some flower buttons I had been looking for and picked out a couple of charts that I'll be putting into my stitching rotation project.  I have finished two that were in the group, so I feel good about adding one at this time to start when it comes around to its turn.  I'm still loving the way this is going.  Getting pieces done that I haven't touched in so very long, and enjoying working on them again.  I work on each piece anywhere from three days to a week before I move on to the next.

     I know I have mentioned many times here, that I just can't seen to find the energy to do the things that I need to, or at times, even want to do.  So I do have to say, that I started writing a list each evening of things that I wanted to do the next day.  Housework things I'm talking about! Anyway! I am finding that after my hour of stitching each morning, I then begin the chores on my list.  If I do just what's on the list, I find that I'm usually done before noon.  I feel each day that I've accomplished so much, and there has been many days that I have just kept going! How's this for progress? When I sit down in the afternoon now, I don't feel like I'm shirking any responsibilities. What a difference this has made!

     Speaking of spring! Oh! Back to that! LOL.  I realize that this is the time of year to cut back all the Crepe Myrtles.  Gosh I hate to do this, but I really need to, so they'll fill out and bloom more.  Then there will be the cleaning out and weeding all the little garden areas in the yard.  I do love working outside, and in this area, there are so many things that need to be done early in the warmer season ahead.  Before we know it, it will be in the nineties and the humidity will be too high for comfort.  So we need to get out and enjoy it while we can.

     Aha! Another thing I need to show you! Way back when...........I was working on "Spring Renewal".  Well here's the finish.  Not framed, but all the stitching done and the little flower by the birdhouse mounted.  So happy about this.  Now to get if framed and to put all the skeins of floss away that was used to do it!

     Well now! I guess I had better let you all, my sweet and faithful friends and followers go for this afternoon.  I think I just might stitch for an hour or so before I start dinner, and look forward to a cozy evening in.

     You all, take care now.  Stay safe, well and warm, and until next time, remember to "feel the colors".  Love you lots!



  1. Lovely post , your Valentine stitch looks lovely and your display .
    I also started a list a few months ago and it really works well .
    I get alot more done and the have the afternoon free .
    Enjoy your stitching.

  2. LindaLee: What a great post, the Quince is pretty, lovely color.
    Nice frame for Token Of love.
    It always feels good to have finish, the Spring Renewal is a sweet design.


  3. Beautiful finish, it doesn't look big until you see it framed. A lovely addition to your growing display. How nice that it will be seen year round!
    It sounds like you have a good plan to get things done, I really should get on that too.
    Your Spring Renewal is precious, I hope you get to frame it soon.


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