Sunday, January 16, 2022

Valentine's Day

      It's right around the corner, and I make one new piece for it each year.  Here's the one I started last night.  It's from Pineberry Lane is is called Token of Love.

This is how much I have done as of this afternoon, and after a nice Sunday nap I must say.
Also! I've had a double skein of yarn sitting to the right of my stitching chair, for the longest time.  Beautiful bright colors.  Was eyeing it again the other night and got to thinking about watching my kids play football years ago.  Of course it was in the fall, and so often, very cold sitting outside on those bleachers.  Some of us mom's would bring an afghan we were knitting to work on and keep us warm at the same time.  Maybe what got me thinking about all that, was the fact that we've had some chilly weather.  Long story short now! Here's what I have done so far, and I like it so much, that I just may pick up another double skein of the same yarn and make it a decent size.
With this big winter storm coming across the states and then heading up the eastern coast, I pray that you're all warm, and safe inside.  Roads in some areas are going to be real bad tomorrow.  Maybe some of you have the day off due to the holiday, and others don't.  If you do have to go out, please drive slow and be careful.
I love you all.  Remember to stay warm, and "feel the colors".


  1. Nice stitching start,and lovely start on your blanket.

  2. LindaLee: Great progress on Token Of Love, beautiful afghan, so bright.


  3. Beautiful start. Love the colors in your blanket. Beautiful indeed.

  4. Nice start on your Token of Love, I like the red.
    I love your new afghan start, it reminds me of the ones my Mother has made.

  5. I like your token of love and your afghan. hugs


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