Monday, August 1, 2022

A New Day

     I wake every morning and think about how blessed I am to be able to see a brand new day.  It was just about eight years ago, that I was given one to three weeks to live! This was after I had been in the hospital for more than six weeks.  After several medications, and even some that they use for cancer patients, and my spleen removed, I was sent home to wait to pass.  I went to have my platelets checked every day and they stayed critically low for three weeks.  Then God stepped in and my platelets began to climb.  Climb they did! From under 2,000 to where they are today at 400,000 plus! So here I am.  Today I am declared ITP free! I have to tell this story every so often, to give others hope and to again, praise the Lord.  Thank you Father for every new day.

     I have more done on the piece I showed you the other day, and should be able to finish it up today.  I have the house to fill in and the ground of white snow.  A few tiny snow flakes as well.  It seems good to be able to work on something that is in the rotation pieces.  It always reminds me of how much I loved the pieces and the colors when I first saw it.  Then again when I kitted it up.

     Something new has come to us cross stitch lovers.  Now, kits that come with fully printed designs on aida! The threads are with it and all sorted out for you.  Also a paper chart! So basically, there is no counting and there are many different kits available.  I have the one shown here, and have just a few stitches done.  I'm in no hurry with this one, but think it would work out well as a "take with me" piece while waiting for an appointment of some type.

     Today I'll be straightening out my sewing room.  I have to do this like once a month.  Get all things put away in their proper places.  All threads back where they belong and charts that I haven't started yet put away.  Approximately three weeks from now, it will look like it does at this moment! Which isn't good! So much for keeping my work area picked up! I can't believe that I let it get this bad.....and so often too!

     At my Facebook group, LindaLee's Cross SAL, we're so lucky to have Marcie Peschong from the Calico Confectionery Etsy shop as our featured designer for August.  Lovely designs and offering a 15% discount for LindaLee's members.  She's so talented and giving.  Blessed to have her with us.  Thank you Marcie.  Here is one of her new designs, which is well liked.  Pretty fall colors.


      Well I shall let you all go for today.  Stay safe in the heat that we're all experiencing.  Drink lots of water and "Feel the Colors".  Love you all.


  1. Hi LindaLee, glad you are well now and hope to stay that way in the future. I love all your stitching. You should see my sewing room, it is a dister and I just don't have the strength right now to fix it. I have allot of water on my lungs and find it hard to do allot right now. I try to do alittle at a time. Take care and be safe. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. What a wonderful story so happy for you .
    I to had a few hours to live once and I also prayed to God .
    And I had a chance to live again , It took me over 10 years to get fully better but now at 75 and still going , I am ever grateful .
    Lovely stitching and I close the door on my sewing room ha.

  3. Hello LindaLee: It is so good to see a post from you, I am happy to hear you had a wonderful vacation. I thank God three times a day for the life I am blessed with, without God I am not sure where I would be.
    Nice progress on the House.
    I need to clean up my sewing room, it looks like a tornado went through it.
    Nice new pattern.



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