Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Just Need Some Oomph!

      I do indeed need a little oomph! I have lots to keep me busy which includes the house working chores as well as my needlework! Just need a little......or a lot of energy to even begin sometimes.  I always have a great excuse, and my favorite is, "I'm 76 years old and deserve to sit and do nothing"! Only problem is, is that excuses don't get anything done either!

     I did pick up my cross stitch this morning.  First time since I've been back from my vacation.  The hour I put into it felt so good, and to be working on Grey again was needed.  I would love to finish him in time for a Christmas gift, but that means a lot of  X's indeed! Want to get back into that stitching for an hour each morning.  I'm working on the lower right hand corner of Grey right now.

I also finished the purse I was working on.  End results is a 13 X 8 purse using knitting worsted.  It's all lined, and it was an easy pattern.  The next one, I plan on it being multicolored and crochet the handle as well.  A good project to start tomorrow while waiting for Bill at the dentist.  He's having a lengthy procedure started and won't be able to drive home.

At our local senior center, we have started chair volley ball.  A beach ball is used and you can't stand up.  It is so much fun.  Bill and I both have enjoyed it, and it is catching on fast, so we'll probably be adding a second court!

Lots of noise and all going on behind us.  Having some very tall trees removed in preparation of any hurricanes that may come our way this year.  The weather remains a little more comfortable here, so it's a little easier for the workers.  They did find an underground hornet's nest, and wound up digging it up and removing the stump and all for no extra cost.  The guy just said that he hated hornets and would close the door of the piece of equipment and go at it! One way to take care of them for sure.  We'll check again next wet day and if there are any left, we'll burn them out.  I hate to do that, but sting they will and their stings hurt!

Planning a trip up to Blowing Rock sometime soon.  It's a five hour trip, so we'll spend a night there.  Lots of trails, streams and scenic views.  Then the town of Blowing Rock itself is so quaint.  Looking forward to making the trip.  It may not be for a month or so, due to Bill's procedure.  Three visits for that in all.

Going to let you go for now.  I do hope that this finds you all well and keeping those fingers busy with beautiful threads and colors.  Love you all.

"Feel The Colors"



  1. what are you stitching, it looks like an alian. love the purse. big hugs

  2. Yes I was also wondering what you are stitching .
    I am 75 I get the odd day I don't want to do anything .
    But I now make little goals for the week and they work for me .
    I do a little gardening each day , an hour house work
    An hour on my PC I love setting goals .
    I do like to keep busy , but always give myself some me time every day for my stitching too .

  3. hi, your stitching is looking so interesting...i love your purse so much.
    hugs and smiles
    cucki x

  4. Hello LindaLee: I am sure you will have it done by Christmas, I am looking forward to seeing this one done, the design is amazing.
    Your purse is positively adorable, the color yarn is so pretty.
    I am not a fan of bee's, I hope you are able to get rid of them they do tunnel under ground.
    Have a lovely week.



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