Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Something a Little Different

      When I saw this boho style bag I saved the pattern.  I loved it! Decided to make it up and here it is below. Instead of the off white, I went with the pale beige and the straps I sent for matches it perfectly.  I lined it with muslin and added the button.  Already using it and I love it still.  Enjoyed making it so

much, that I decided to keep on crocheting, and am now making a shawl with so Willow yarn.  Will show you that next time when I have a little more done.  Again.  The pattern is easy and works up well with a size H hook.  Will be going back to my cross stitching as soon as the shawl is finished.

Speaking of cross stitching! I am so glad that fall is on the way, and I love seeing all the pretty pieces that my friends and followers are stitching up.  Warm and delicious colors this time of year.  I picked up ten skeins the other day and will send them out to a lucky winner on LindaLee'sCrossSAL.  A name will be picked at random.  

One of the last Roses of Sharon to bloom in the back yard this season, but the red Spider Lily's  just starting out for the season.

Now even though the weather is still hot and uncomfortable today, before we know it, we'll be grabbing our light sweaters and we'll be talking hot teas and soups.  I'll also be lighting up my apple and cinnamon scented candles, and sitting out on our porch again with that first cup of hot coffee first thing in the morning.  I'm looking forward to it all!

We do hope to get up to Blowing Rock, NC in the next couple of weeks.  Beautiful trails and scenery.  We plan on spending a night up there and our good friend, Dave will be puppy sitting our Guthrie.  Will be a nice getaway.

Will let you all go for now.  Hope you're keeping those fingers working and enjoying some beautiful threads or yarns.  

Love you all, and until next time, "Feel the colors".

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  1. Добрый день, Линда! Спасибо за красоту, которую Вы сотворили своими руками)


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