Saturday, August 13, 2022

Welcoming the Cool

     Only 65 this early morning.  Hasn't been this cool since mid spring here.  It feels so good.  Shut the AC off last night and opened the bedroom windows.  Then this morning we have  doors and windows open as well.  It's just plain lovely!  It does look like we're in for a couple of days of cooler weather ahead and a little rain.  So thankful for this.

     I haven't gotten to my cross stitching since I last posted.  Just been on the go with a few things here, and by the time I have some spare time, I have just relaxed.  I have however ordered three new charts from calicoconfectionery at Etsy.  Marcie there is our featured designer at my LindaLee's SAL for this month, and is giving us a 15% discount!  So the three are shown below.

Marcie has so many pretty designs and I'm so glad that she did decide to join in our fun at LindaLee's.

I finished the crocheting on the purse that I showed you in my last post.  Now I'm ready to line it before attaching the handles.  Here's a picture to show you what I decided to go with for a liner.  I have so much yarn in my stash in my she shed, that I think I'll be making more of these.

Church tomorrow and then home for the day.  H!
ope to again, relax and finally get some stitching done.  Planning on a simple breakfast meal for dinner even, and the weather will be cool again.  Lovely day ahead!
You all know that I love you, and hope you're all well.  Until next time, keep those fingers busy and "feel the colors"  I just had to post this, with fall coming and all.



  1. I like your purse, it will be nice when finished. lovely new charts hugs lynda ruth

  2. Love your new charts , and the start of your purse .
    Enjoy a lovely Sunday .


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