Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Little Gift

     All the nurses and techs that cared for me while I was in the hospital were all angels.  Every single one of them showed me so much concern, compassion and love.  I'm going to be visiting them on both floors in a couple of days to bring them all angel pins and some goodies to munch on as well.  There is one nurse in particular though that means so much to me.  She and my late mother have the same first name, and with Pearl's quick acting, my life was saved shortly after I was taken to my room after surgery.  My blood oxygen level suddenly started to drop and I stopped breathing.  The only two people in my room with me were my sweet hubby Bill and our best friend Dave.  Dave rushed to the nurses station and informed them there that I wasn't breathing and Pearl came running.  A code blue began and while everyone rushed to my room, Pearl picked me up in her arms and started shaking me.  As Dave put it, "She threw me around like a rag doll" and all the while saying, "Come on my girl.  Wake up my girl."  Well I did indeed wake up after an injection was given to reverse the job the anesthetic was meant to do.  Pearl never quit on me!  I awoke to a wall lined with doctors who promptly turned and left as I came to.  Pearl stayed for a few more minutes to make sure I was okay and to reassure Bill and Dave both.  Every time a nurse came into my room I would tell her that I loved her.  They would all say the same to me, but Pearl would always say, "I love you more".  So I just had to make my Pearl this tiny little pillow.  It didn't take long but it will be just big enough to set in a tiny empty spot.

     I'm so glad I decided to do this little pillow up.  I had been having a hard time getting back into my stitching since I've been home from the hospital, and I think this little piece did the trick.  I am ready to sit right back down and pick up where I left off on a piece I was working on before I was admitted to the hospital.  I really have missed my stitching.

     I did get outside a few days ago and cleaned out a couple of small garden areas in our back yard.  The gardens suffered this year with the medical issues going on, but God is good and it looks like we'll have another chance at it next year.  I am so blessed.  Here's just a tiny before and after area where I have some day lilies.

and after weeding.  I didn't realize that I was still quite a bit out of shape until the day after!

        I do have to show you a picture also of an amazing "Chile for Cheese Heads" that I made the other day.  Bill spotted the recipe a few weeks back and it had just sat in the kitchen forever.  Only a few ingredients and it was a big hit! We loved it! Just look at this! Had to show it with the bottle of

Cajun Sunshine that my sister sent us.  First time we had that as well, and I can see why it's a staple in her home! Those are Egyptian onions from our garden sprinkled on top of the chili also.
     Tomorrow is my day for the chemo infusion and my weekly blood work.  Last week for the first time since I've been sick with this disease, my platelets we way above normal! I knew God was working on it and His timing is perfect.  If they're up again tomorrow, a port will be scheduled to be put in.  That will be a step forward indeed.  The infusion takes a two to three hours and I'm pretty relaxed by the time I leave.  If I'm up to it, we'll have lunch on the way home.  Otherwise, it will be home for a very long nap!

     Once again....It is so good to be back blogging and reading the blogs that I follow once again.  I've missed you all so much.  Thank you for hanging in there for me and please come back often.  \

     Until next time.  Stay safe and well and, don't forget to "feel the colors".



  1. My dear I hope you feel better soon
    You are in my prayers always
    Love you x

  2. I am so glad you are feeling good enough to stitch and blog again. Missed you. Prayers

  3. What a lovely little pillow, I am sure the gifts will be appreciated.