Thursday, November 27, 2014

Missing Ya'll

     Yes I am! I am indeed reading your posts on all your wonderful blogs, but have been posting or commenting seldom since being home from the hospital.  Still on lots of medications and though I am fortunate to have them, they do indeed, themselves take a toll on the body.  My platelets are way up there now though and that's what we all hoped and prayed for.  The doctors told us that for every week you're in the hospital, your body needs a month to recover.  So, Bill told me the other day that we'll call this the winter of recovery! Sounds good to me, since the seventh month will be March!
     I have been getting back to my stitching and enjoying it so much.  I also, just knitted a second ear flap hat for my grandson up in NH.  He asked if I could make him one for Christmas, and I'm glad, with all the cold and snow up there right now, hat I didn't wait on it.  Didn't take a picture of it.
     Right now, I'm working on, "I Am A Stitcher" and loving the colors in it.  Here we are so far.

Have also started"Live In the Moment", but this is put on hold more often than not.

Went through my yarn several days back and decided to work with some of it.  Here's a scarf I did up for a gift, and I'm working on a red one at the moment.  I love how quickly these work up.

     Just have to show you this table! We had one of the old windows that had been on our house, and we turned it into a table for the back porch! I love how simple it is and it is so perfect for a cup of coffee.

We've enjoyed our porch so much, and I still sleep out there on nights that aren't too cold and my naps seem to take place out there for the most part as well.
     Something that makes me feel good? Bill's hat hanging right inside the front door.  Just seems to say, "I'm here."

     Once again.  Thank you to all my followers for not giving up on me.  I do want to start posting more often as I used to.  Strength has been slow to come back though.  I love and miss you all.  Be well and be safe and until next time, don't forget to, "feel the colors".


  1. Hope you feel better soon LindaLee, rest up as much as you can and in no time you will be back to your old self again. hugs from snow bound New Brunswick Lynda Ruth (Purple Pixie Dust blog) ;)

  2. Just take your time about getting your strength back. That porch looks like a lovely place to rest up - I love that coffee table. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You just worry about you. Glad to hear an update though. Take care and enjoy that cute window table.

  4. I've not had coffee since Tuesday am.
    Went down for an appointment and came back with the flu. When I'm sick I gravitate to my Moms habit of drinking tea. Maybe tomorrow.
    Live your coffee table, looks cozy out there.