Monday, December 29, 2014

Close To the New Year

     Very close to a new year and I feel so blessed to be looking forward to.  Blessed to be here to enjoy it and to even do some planning for the coming year.  It still amazes me the number of people who were not only praying for me, but still are.  This is a disease that I'll have for the rest of my life, so the on going good thoughts, wishes and prayers mean so much.  Thank you one and all.  Here's a happy picture of Bill and I shortly after I was finally allowed to go home from the hospital.

     I think for the time being, I've finished up on the scarves I was knitting.  Have given a couple away and  the red one will be gifted as well.  The last one I did up is this one here below, and personally, it's my favorite.

          I've been getting very close to finishing up "I Am a Stitcher".  Here it is below, and all I have left is the little bit of back ground which I'm working on now.  You can see it in the pale yellow.  I think I may finish it up just in time to start my next SAL.

          Don't you just love this time of year? The hustle and bustle of Christmas is past us now and we can hunker in when we have the time in front of a nice warm fire or under a warm quilt.  Coffee or tea beside us and a good book in our hands or our stitching.  I know that the winter can seem to last forever, and I have to be honest and say that I don't miss the cold NH winters.  It is indeed though what we so often make it.  Look at all the beautiful colors we have to work with.  Whether knitting, cross stitching or any other type of needlework, you can always find some color or colors that catch your eye.  There are so many wonderful patterns out there also.  I'm always saving them.

     Speaking of winter and the joys of this time of year, dinner is all set with a home made chicken and bean soup.  It's so good and will be great with some crackers or a nice piece of French bread.

We'll put on and watch an old episode or two of  "Northern Exposure" and enjoy the evening.

     Until next post, you all take care.  Stay well, safe and warm, and don't forget to "feel the colors".  A Happy New Year to all as well.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Where Is That Frog!

     The other night I stitched for 45 minutes and then realized that I was a stitch off.  Of course it wasn't in the last ten or so stitches.  I had to remove over twenty minutes worth of stitching.  I did start back up again, but only put in another 15 minutes.  I started stitching this morning at five and at six realized once again that I was off a stitch.  Sure enough.......it was right at the beginning where I started off this morning.  All stitches were taken out and put back in this time.  I decided after that, that I must have a frog jumping around here in this house.  When I do find him, I'll wring his neck.....Well, unless he's cute.  Then I'll just cage him.
     Hope ya'll are having better luck with your stitching.  No mistakes and no ripping out.  I'm so glad that I'm back to my cross stitching once again.  I also just joined another blog  over at http://stitchystart.blogspot.ca/  Anyone who is planning on starting a big piece after the new year can join.  Just need to send her a request.  Since I have everything ready to go on my biggest piece ever, I decided that it would be fun to join up.  You choose any piece you want.  So check it out!

     Will let ya'll go for now.  Until next time, stay well, warm and safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Good Morning

     It's a beautiful sunny day here.  A bit chilly but we have a fire going and it's comfy and cozy inside.  Eye doctor appointment went very well.  Even on the steroids for ITP, the cataracts haven't changed at all.  A real good thing!
     I imagine most of you are not only decorating but out shopping and looking for special gifts for the special people in your lives.  I have a long way to get everything covered and gift cards look really great at this point! Christmas spirit I have, but the strength isn't there.  I'm doing well though.

     I have been doing some stitching each and every day.  Most of the time it's cross stitching which is my favorite,  Working on the SAL, "I Am A Stitcher".  So far........

     I've been knitting up some smaller cloths also, so we can use them for facecloths.  Bill used one of the bigger ones a few days ago and loved it, so why not a few smaller? So far again............


These are fun to work up.  They're quick and easy and there are so many different color combinations you can use.  Solids as well.  A couple of these with a little bar of pretty soap would be perfect for a little gift.
     I must show you my beautiful Cactus this year.  This was given to me by a dear friend a couple of years ago.  It was a plant started from her mom's  plant actually.  I haven't ever had good luck with these plants.  Never killed one to this day, but they would just sit there and be green year after year. Never get an inch taller and never bloom.  Well, it must be dear Miss Getty looking down on her plant because it has bloomed both years and has grown so well.  Thank you Miss Getty.  Miss you lots.

     Well, I must let you go for now.  Thank you to all who leave comments.  Thank you for sticking with me.  Until next time, stay warm and safe, and....Don't forget to "feel the colors".

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Getting Into the Swing of Things!

     I find that I'm feeling a little better each day.  I still have my down days, but am so happy to be able to enjoy my needlework again.
     I just picked this up from the framer yesterday.  Finished it before I got sick, and just never got around to having it framed.  So happy with the way it came out.  Loved the colors in it.

     This past week, after finding I had skeins of yarn in my yarn stash, I decided to make up some scarves.  Here's a picture of the four I have finished, and the fifth one is is a bowl at the base of them.  I have a second picture of the red one, as it really doesn't have yellow or orange in it at all, and the black didn't show up in the group picture.

     It was in the lower 70's here over the weekend  Beautiful sunny days, and now it's back to normal for this time of year.  Down in the 50's, and chilly.  Bill caught me at the computer last night after I decided my nose had been cold long enough.  I had wrapped one of my scarves around my head, covering my nose.  Was perfectly comfortable then.  I'm sure glad he likes me!

     Will be right with my cross stitch today.  Relaxing with a blanket on my feet and enjoying the colors in "I'm A Stitcher".
     Oh! Have any of you seen the year long SAL over at "By The Bay"  I love it and have decided to go with it.  You can be billed at only six dollars a month, and I all ready had but a few of the colors called for.  You can always, as she said, change the colors.  I'm going with the ones called for though.  Here's a picture of the finished piece.  You'll be sent just a small portion of the chart each month.  Just a 173 squares wide by 47 high.  I think it will be fun.

     Well, I need to let ya'll go for now.  So until next time, be safe and well.  I love each and every one of you my dear friends and followers.  Remember to "feel the colors".