Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Addiction Coming Up.....

     I sure hope not, but from what I've been reading, knitting socks can become addicting! With all the beautiful cross stitch pieces I'm working on, where would time come from to knit.... I had to do it though! After I found the Sock Along Blog by accident, I decided to check things out.  Oh my! What beautiful stockings these ladies are making.  All the beautiful colors.  I just couldn't stop myself, and ordered "Super Socks" by Christine Perry as well as some yarn for my first pair.  Here's a picture below of the book and the yarn as well.  Any of my followers knit socks let me know of any tips and tricks please.

     I've been doing some stitching on "She Has Found Her Home", and am enjoying it.  It's a quick stitch I think.  I have six hours into it now and have nearly all the letters finished.

        My sister and her husband "Georgia and Bob" have just bought a home within eight miles of us.  They had owned a home in Georgia for close to 30 years, so it's a real treasure to have her this close now.  I do believe that my sickness is a cloud and their move up here is the silver lining.  It's nice to stop in for a cup of coffee and to get together having a little sister time together.  I took an old but nice table cloth that I had and made her up some kitchen curtains and a couple of valances.  Love her kitchen with the primitive red counter top.

  I'll be going to the Stitching at the Beach retreat in Myrtle Beach next month.  My very first retreat ever and I'm really getting excite about it.  Will be picking up the gifts for the grab bag exchange this weekend.  I've heard that it's a very friendly retreat and can't see how I'd go wrong spending four days on the beach anyway.  Any of my dear friends and followers going.....Let me know.  Would love to meet each and every one of you.
     Past my dinner time here, so need to leave ya'll now.  Until next time, be well and safe and remember to "feel the colors".
     Someone else knows it's dinner time also!
She thinks I can't see her behind my computer screen!

Friday, September 11, 2015

This and That

     I just can't believe how fast this week has gone by.  Here it is Friday once again and people are planning their weekends.  Looks like the beach won't be an option for most of it, as we're expecting some rain and milder temps.  Outings with the family and cookouts with family and friends are a sure thing though.  I'm looking forward to just starting each day with a hot cup of coffee on the back porch with Mr. Bill and getting a little more yard work done.  The weeds aren't just looking my way at this point....They're actually laughing in my face! How dare they!

     Tiny Girl has grown so much but will always be a petite little girl.  She loves veggies of all different kinds and here she is with her corn cob.  We make sure to leave her a few kernels when we have it.  Oh how I have missed the love from a sweet kitten.  Another thing I have always loved

about cats is the way they sit in a favorite spot at a window.  Just to feel the sun or to keep an eye on the birds.  Tiny Girl has found her spot.

 My chart from Nebby Needle came the other day, and I got started on it the very next.  Enjoying the easy stitch and when done I'll put it away for a Christmas gift.  I do want to finish it as the picture shows, on a basket.

     Well, my sister has finally moved into the home they just bought up here.  They lived in Dallas, Georgia for nearly 30 years.  When I became ill last year, they started coming up here and they both realized how much they missed this area.  So, I have been enjoying a new found friendship with my sister and we've enjoyed each other so very much.  God is so good.

     Just a "little" Hercules Beetle that I found last week here.  I saved it for my grandson, and he had it for most of the day.  It surprised us both though when it just up and flew away! It was a good sized one for sure.

     I must let ya'll go at this point.  The day moves on and things need doing! Ya'll please be well and safe until next time, and remember to "feel the colors".  Love to all of my faithful followers and friends.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I've Done It Again!

     I saw the new piece by The Nebby Needle called "She Has Found Her Home" and thought it would be a perfect gift for my sister.  After living in Dallas, Georgia for nearly 3 years, my sister Georgia and her husband Bob, have bought a home here in NC.  It's under seven miles to their house so I'm very excited.  I think what I'd like to do, is finish this piece exactly as it is pictured on the front.  Here's a picture of it.  I ordered it knowing that I have plenty of other things that I haven't

even started yet, and there are already other things that I'm working on.  In other words......I just added to my stash! Ya'll do understand though....

     I am working away on the beautiful "Serenity Harbor" and haven't come any closer to catching up than I was before! I am finding though that by working a 10 by 10 stitch square I feel like I'm moving along a little faster.  It certainly is easier.  Never too old to find a new way to do the things you enjoy.

     The weather seems to becoming milder now.  I'm looking forward to getting the garden areas cleaned up for the winter months, and starting fresh next spring.  Going to be getting rid of a couple of vines that have taken over.  Want to get a lot of mulch come spring and cover a lot of area with it.  It's so hot and humid here during the summer that, that will help us out and help keep the ground nicer as well for the plants.

     I follow one blog that I just love, and this dear lady uses lots of chalk paint to change up her furniture.  Have loved seeing the changes and all, so finally decided to go for it.  I had a good neighbor and friend of hours make me an island type table for my kitchen.  He made it to my specifications and I just loved it when he brought it over! Then I decided to finish it with red chalk paint with a touch of sage green here and there.  Then finished it with black polish and three coats of clear poly.  Here is a before and an after picture.  I love it, and it's the perfect height for working in the kitchen.  Tables are too low for me and the counters are a bit too high.  The table I had Matt make is right in between.  I'm looking forward to working with the chalk paint again.  I love the results.

     Once again....I'll let ya'll go.  I'm looking forward to sitting back after a day with allergy symptoms and just going to bed early.  Love each and every one of you.  Until next time, please stay well, safe and remember to "Feel the colors".