Friday, November 4, 2016

Small Things

     I've been working on a few small items for gifts this past week.  I love my cross stitching, but this cooler time of the year always urges me to go though my yarns to make up some scarves and things for quick Christmas gifts.  Of course I never have the color I want in my yarn stash, which means I have to buy more.  Oh darn! LOL.  I always enjoy looking at the new yarns out and new patterns as well.
     My little daughter-in-law in NH loves the knitted dish clothes, so I made her a set of three.  I'm be-

ginning to use more of these myself, as even a brand new sponge looks yucky after just a few uses.  So I can throw these right into the laundry.

     I did get just a bit more done on my "Quaker Diamonds",  Started a new diamond and I'm loving it.  This diamond is a larger one and what the picture shows is not the middle of it yet.

     This week has been a beautiful one.  Temperatures in the lower 70's and around mid 60's through the nights.  Perfect for porch sleeping and this time of year I do that every night that I can.  Too soon it will be too cold to sleep out, and we'll be inside night and day with everything closed up.  Bill is already for that cooler weather.  Has the tinder and the first few longs to go into the fire in the living room and the wood stove is all set to light up with one match.  I love the warmth of the wood heat but hate to see the winter coming.  It's nothing compared to the winters I grew up with and lived with all the while I lived in NH.  I miss many things in NH, but the harsh winter isn't one of them.

     For the first time we went to Hammock's Beach in Swansboro last Sunday and took the ferry to Bear Island.  A beautiful area, and a nice beach to go to for a relaxing day.  Since you have to take a ferry, or your own boat to it, not a lot of people make the trip to go swimming.  So there is far less people and more places to set up for the day.  Has a nice snack bar and little gazebos in a number of places so you can enjoy a picnic lunch.  Bill and I went with our best friend Dave and his two grands.
As you can see by the sign, there are camp sites  I think my sister and I are in for a great island hike and over night stay when the ferry starts running again.  Though a lot of the stems were stripped during Matthew, I still love pictures of the sea oats.

Can't remember if I showed ya'll this picture of my beautiful daughter-in-law, Lisa.  She conquered  

yet another mountain in NH.  She's climbing all mountains in NH that are over 4,000 feet.  There are 48 total and I believe this was her 22nd. one.  She always looks refreshed and ready to start another when she reaches the top! Gosh I love that girl!

     Will once again let ya'll go.  Stay well and warm until next time.  Love every one of my friends and followers here.  Remember to "feel the colors".

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Beautiful Time of the Year!

     I know that in so many areas, the foliage is at its peak as far as colors go, and this is the time when I think of NH and the beautiful mountain views.  The colors are outstanding and nothing is better than a walk through some beautiful sunny woods with the air clean and brisk.  All bundled up with a knitted hat over your ears and a lunch in your backpack.  The picture here was taken in my hometown of Dover, NH in Pine Hill Cemetery.  

     The weather has indeed cooled down a lot from the brutally hot and humid summer that we had this year in NC.  We still hit our back porch first thing for coffee, but now, with sweaters on or a small throw around ourselves.  The birds are fewer.  Yes, even here in sunny NC, a lot of the birds decide that enough of the cooler temperatures are enough and head for warmer winter homes.  We still have the tough ones though and they're here for the whole winter.  Love watching them at the feeders each morning.
     Have gotten a good start on a second infinity scarf using Cake yarn.  This yarn is so soft around the neck and comes in many different color combinations.  The directions are on the label of the yarn, but I did go a step further and joined the ends to make it into the infinity scarf.  This, along with the first one will be a Christmas gift..

     I have another diamond completed on my "Quaker Diamonds" piece and it's such a pretty on.  Also another letter, X. was added.  Trying to get a little stitching in each night.  I've just started the next to the last diamond on the piece and will be thrilled when I can say that this is done, and can have it framed and all.  I think I've enjoyed this piece more and more as I've worked it up.

  I was so surprised when I took a look at a Camellia shrub that I've had for about four years, the other day.  Every year it would put out one the two flowers.  This year it is covered with beautiful pink blooms.  Had to take a couple of pictures this morning and realized that the bees are every bit as happy as I am!

     Well, I need to let ya'll get back to your day and I hope that every one of my dear followers and friends are having a good one.
     Until next time, ya'll take care, be warm and well and remember to "feel the colors".

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Small Finish

     I finished the first in the series, "ABC Samplers" by Little House Needleworks.  It worked up in 17 hours total and it was a nice stitch.  Looking forward to starting the second one.  Here's a picture of the one finished.  I always enjoy working with warm autumn colors.

     Before I do start the second one, I want to do some stitching on my "Quaker Diamonds".  You can see how much I've accomplished so far on this piece.  Not that much more to go.  I do know exactly where I'll be hanging it when it is done.

     My son and my sweet daughter-in-law came down over the weekend from NH.  We always enjoy their visits so much.  We were supposed to do a 5k bridge walk but due to the flooding still going on from Matthew, it was postponed.  So Lisa along with my sister Georgia and I decided to go on a 22 mile hike instead.  We started about eight in the morning packed with lunches, water and first aid gear.  Only go to do a total of six miles before we ran into water deep enough to block our path.  It was a beautiful day for hiking though and we'll do it again once we can be sure that the trails are dryer.

My sweet Lisa. She's like a ray of sunshine morning to night.  Always smiling and loving life.  Love her so very much.

And my sister Georgia all dressed for the day.

     Flooding big time for sure.

     Went out to a couple of second hand shops.  Found a nice new one right here in Havelock.  I picked up the rug for my sewing room and I love all the colors in it.  It makes the room feel so homey and brightens it up also.

I also found this cross stitched piece which has been mounted and all in a tray.  No date or initials on it, but I love it.  Goes perfect in my apple kitchen.  Someone did a fantastic job on it for sure.  Bright colors indeed.  

A couple more pictures and I'll let you go.  Our good friend David, went to Ohio to visit his daughter and her family.  He came home with this beautiful dish for me.  He knows I love colors and knew I would like it.  Isn't it great!

Close up below showing the colors a little better.

I best let ya'll go for this time around.  Thank you so much for stopping in and leave a "Howdy" please.  I love hearing from each and every one of you.  Until next time, stay safe an well and don't forget to "feel the colors".

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cake Yarn

     I made up this long infinity scarf with the new Cake yarn and I really like working with the yarn a lot.  It's so soft.  I have two more balls of the yarn.  Both different colors and we'll see what I wind up doing with them.  Here's the thick and warm winter scarf.

     Will be cross stitching tonight, but I do enjoy crocheting occasionally. I want to finish up my WIPs before I purchase anymore charts.  Yeah right! I wonder how many stitchers have said that same thing, only to give in! I've said it many times and always fail.

     I wonder why there wasn't any Hummingbirds at one of my feeders today.  This is the only feeder that had visitors and they kept at it all day long.

     I am also working on Quaker Diamonds, speaking of WIPs.  Have worked on it off and on and have it out again.  I love the piece and know exactly where it will go when finished.  I'm probably about three quarters of the way done.  Will post a picture next time.
     It was a beautiful day here.  Nice breeze and we worked outside quite a bit.  Must say though that my shower felt good this evening and now I'm headed for my stitching chair to enjoy the evening.

     One last thing before I do go.  I saw this picture today on a friend's blog.  It's an afghan she's making in autumn colors.  It's beautiful.  I think I did find the pattern for it and will keep it handy.  Might be a nice cold weather project.

Well that's about all for my posting today.  I want to make it a point to post more often, but the posts may be small from time to time.  I pray that ya'll are doing well.  Love each and every one of you and remember to "feel the colors".

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Been "Fun" Busy!

     I finally got a finish piece to show you.  It is the "Kindred Spirits" piece that I've done for my friend.  We always call each other, "my fren" which is why you'll see that on the piece itself. Here it is! It took me a total of 109 hours and love went in each and every stitch.  It was very enjoyable to do with all the bright colors.

     Also did up a tiny little hanging ornament for the front of the small hutch that I finished in red.  Here's the hanger.

Plus! here's a picture of the hutch which I used chalk paint on.  I love working with the paint.

     I am now working on a small piece from Little House.  It's the first one of her "Little House ABC Sampler" series.  It's working up well.

     Something else that I finished up was this afghan below.  I started it last winter and decided to get it out and finish it up so I can gift it for Christmas.  I still have to get it blocked, but I wanted ya'll to see it.  I love the color combinations.

         I always feel better when my hands have been busy, and they have been since I last posted.  I've also started an infinity scarf using the new "Cake" yarn and must say that I love working with it.  It's very soft and the colors that are combined in each ball look nice together.  I'll post a picture of that next time.

     Seems our fur baby, "Tiny Girl" sleeps anywhere she takes a notion to.  We just love the fact that she's happy! Our guest bed seems to be a favorite!

As well as our bed.

Then there is Riley's spot which he doesn't get to use much anymore!

     Glad the days have been a little milder and the nights a little cooler.  I will not miss the heat and humidity that we've had all summer for sure.  I see that some of the leaves, even here in eastern NC have started to turn the seed pods are turning brown.  We've been able with the help of our good friend Dave, get a lot of yard work done.  He's such a great help to us.  We're blessed to have such a dear friend for sure.

     Bill experienced a TIA Monday morning and was able to finally come home yesterday afternoon.  No signs of a stroke which is real good news.  Back on a small dose of aspirin every day instead of every other.  I'm just so glad that he is well and home again indeed.

     I'll let you my dear friends and followers go for now.  I'm so glad that you've stuck with me when I've slacked off so much with my posts.  I love each and every one of you.  So until next time, stay well and safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".

Friday, August 12, 2016

August! Oh My!

     It's August already! Oh my! Where is the summer running off to so quickly! This season though I think a good part of the states are looking forward to a little cooler fall weather.  I know we are here in southeastern North Carolina.  It has been the hottest summer in recorder history they're saying, and it seems like we haven't had a break in weeks.  Hot and humid each day and the AC's are running hard.  I have thought about the people who have no AC and can't escape the heat. In just a few short weeks, hopefully, we'll be looking at some cooler evenings and some hot soups to make up.
     I have been lagging behind in my cross stitching, but am finally approaching a finish with my "Kindred Spirits" piece.  I have indeed loved working with this.  All the colors are perfect and it has been an easy stitch.  I've just found myself not putting in the time that I normally do.  Want to change that for sure.

       I have other WIP  pieces to pick up and finish once this in completed, and I have broken the promise to myself to not buy anymore charts until I've done up all that I have.  Oh dear.  I know ya'll understand though.  When the stitch bug hits, you gotta' go with it! LOL.  I received all in the mail the other day.  First from Little House Needleworks, ABC Sampler series, one and two charts.  I am

 not one to up lots of seasonal things to decorate, and I've been wanting to make up some tiny pillows to place in a basket.  When I saw this new series, I knew I had found what I wanted.  I am loving the fabric and the colors also.

So yes.....I did break my promise, but I couldn't help myself.  These little pieces will be easy to put into a plastic bag and carry to appointments and all for a little stitching time in the waiting rooms.
     I did finish up painting my small hutch in the kitchen.  When I found it, it was dark old wood.  Very drab, and I knew I could do something with it.  So now it sits in my kitchen.  I like working

with chalk paint indeed.
     Though we haven't gotten out to work in our yard much this season because of the heat, the Queen Anne's Lace has done well.  I realize that this is a wild flower, but I love it in my gardens.  I took this picture below.  A different angle of it, and thought it was so pretty.  God's blessings are so good.

     Then one misty morning, I saw that some wild Morning-glories were climbing up towards a birdhouse we had put up.  Though the picture is cloudy, I do love it.

     Well my dear friends and followers.  I thank you for sticking around while I've been lazing around and for stopping in with words of encouragement and all.  All of you are so dear to me.  I pray that you're all doing well.  Love you all, and remember, until next time, remember to "feel the colors".

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Have Been Away Too Long

     I am so sorry.  I've been away way too long for sure.  The warmer weather just takes a toll on us for sure, but we also become busier during the summer.  I'm here basically to let yawl know that I'm well and doing well.  I'm stitching and trying to do some work inside our home.  We tend to put things off that we really shouldn't.  Referring to Bill and I only here.
     My computer is also giving me headaches and at this point, I'm wondering if I should buy a new one or continue to struggle with the old. 
     I will sit down in the next few days and get a decent post on here.  I miss sharing, but am keeping up with what yawl are sharing for sure.  Love each and every one of you my dear friends and followers.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Flossing and Crossing

     That's exactly what I'm doing since I've been back from my trip with my sister.  Georgia and I went down to Savannah, GA for a little sightseeing first and an over night stay.  This was the view from our hotel window at five in the morning.  We could see the bridge that we had crossed over into the city.

     My sister letting her husband back home know who the boss really is!

Myself hanging out with some new guy.....He had a heart of stone!

     It was my first time in Savannah and I'd go back again in a heartbeat for sure.  A couple more pictures.

     From Savannah, we were off to visit my nephew Cris', and his sons.  Had a wonderful few days with him, Nathan and Tyler.  Beautiful boys and a handsome dad.

     On the way back we stopped in Charleston, SC where we saw a few sights and had a great dinner on Dave.  David is our good friend here at home.  Thank you Dave.  We all love you bunches.
Charleston is loaded with restaurants and all the menu's looked great.

 Thanks again Dave!
     I'm still working on my "Kindred Spirit".  It really isn't taking forever as it may seem.  Though I started it on the 21st. of January, I only have 76 hours total into it.  I'm still loving working with the bright colors and all.  This is where I am so far.....and I'm doing a lot of back stitching as I go.

On the trip I did some knitting on another light weight summer scarf.  It's an easy stitch,
and I love the soft yarn as well as how slowly the color changes.  This is the second scarf with 
this type of yarn and I'm really liking it.  I do have another skein with pinks, blues and purples
in it that should be very pretty when made up.  The knitting gives me something to do when my
eyes start getting heavy in the evenings here at home also. 

           Going to Planet Fitness three days a week and loving it.  We also found a great trail in our area the other day and plan on doing a longer one tomorrow.  Love the walking and it's all so quiet in the wooded areas.  Beautiful plants all around and so much to take pictures of.

Can you see the big monster we came across in the picture below I wonder!

     Well, I've kept you long enough indeed.  I need to step up to the plate and submit posts more often also  I enjoy blogging but too often get behind as I do with all things.  Don't ever doubt my dear friends and followers, that I love ya'll and love you dropping in.
     Until next time.  Be safe.  Stay well, and don't forget to "feel the colors".